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Spy Putin.

It has been reported that all of the following work for the security services:

Obama (Obama - government and military connections?)

Merkel (Angela Merkel of the CIA?)


Putin (Putin's Career Rooted in Russia's KGB)


Nick Clegg as a private schoolboy‎ Daily mail 27 April 2010.

UK Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg is the British Obama? asked The Guardian

Nick Clegg's job is to crush the anti-war and anti-nuclear parties, such as the Scottish nationalists?

His job is also to promote the European Union?

It looks as though UK Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg could be an asset of the security services.

Former Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown has admitted that he worked for Britain's MI6 security service.

Ashdown shakes hands with Powell

Hubris supplied this comment:

From Paddy Ashdown onwards, and possibly before for all I know, the Security Services/Military 'clique' in the Brit establishment has controlled the Lib Dems.

Paddy Ashdown was their man, which he proved during the 'Rape of Yugoslavia'.

After Pantsdown came Charles Kennedy. It appears Kennedy was a bit too much of a wild cannon for the SS/military clique.

Kennedy was kicked out after 'revelations' about his drinking - of course his actual real opposition to the Iraq Slaughter had nothing to do with 'the powers that be' wanting to shut him up (end sarcasm) - his ousting was so well-coordinated it had to qualify as a conspiracy - IMHO a Security Services conspiracy.

SO after him came the security services/Military-connected Menzies Campbell

His 'election' was a strange one indeed. After the media and Security Services conspired (IMHO) to oust Kennedy, they then proceeded to conspire to nobble every other candidate, bar Campbell

EVERY other candidate was kyboshed along the way, usually by embarrassing 'revelations' leaked to the media.

Once again this appeared to be so well-coordinated it had to qualify as another conspiracy - IMHO another Security Services conspiracy - or if you like - a continuation of the same conspiracy which ousted Kennedy.

Since it was obvious to me at the time that Campbell hadn't a hope in hell of attracting voters to the Lib Dem camp, since most people wouldn't vote for him in a fit, I remarked to many that he was intended merely as a place-holder until some murky forces could better-position their own candidate to take over from the doddery old Campbell, with a view to challenging the other two parties - so as to continue the illusion that the UK is an actual real-live 'Democracy™'

Lo and behold, within a week or two of Campbell's 'election', little Nicky Clegg, previously a complete non-entity, was fast rising in stature within the media and therefore the party (or vice-versa, makes no difference)

So I immediately surmised that Clegg was the Security Services plant to take over and run the Lib Dems - so as to continue the illusion that the UK is an actual real-live 'Democracy™'

On 27 April 2010, The Times reminds us that Nick Clegg's great-great-aunt, Baroness Moura Budberg, was a Russian spy. (Is there a bit of the baroness in Nick Clegg?)

She died in 1974.

MI5 spied on her for more than 30 years.

She was "charming, unreliable and ruthless."

"No one ever knew whose side she was really on."

She was suspected of spying for the Germans during the First World War.

A letter to Dick White, head of MI5, specifically described her as a Soviet agent.



Anonymous said...

Could this be why Gordon Brown apparantly made the error of leaving his microphone switched on the other day as he entered his car after an encounter with a Labour voter. His voice came over as very muffled rendering the microphone actually useless. So did someone else in the car have a mircophone switched on to conveniently make a fool of Brown, leaving the path clear for Nick Clegg to sail into power on the Labour ticket?

Anon said...

Dear Whistler,

The microphone incident suggests there is a plot by people in the media to remove Brown and replace him with someone else, such as David Miliband.

- Aangirfan

arthur zbygniew said...

chief of mi5 : erosion of civil liberties to fight terror


mosley sex party leads to mi5 resignation

arthur zbygniew said...

Ergenekon in the UK?
ergenekon "stay behind" in many countries

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