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It looks as though the USA has been carrying out acts of terrorism in India since at least 2006.

It looks as though American agent David Headley may have been involved in these acts of terrorism.

It looks as though the USA is using terror to manipulate India.

An article at refers to the terrorism in India (Indian Holocaust - Extradite CIA.)

"Indian Intel was hard on the heels of Headley and were about to arrest him.

"It was then that the FBI whisked away Headley to protect him...

"It is in the strategic interests of the US and Israel to create a warlike situation across South Asia."

The USA wants India to buy American and Israeli defence equipment.

The USA does not want India to cooperate with Russia, China, Pakistan or Iran.

The USA does not want India to become a strong independent economic or military power.

"Also do note that during the phase of the worst series of terror attacks between 2006-08, Headley was present in that period and was flying into India mainly from Pakistan.

"Yet our authorities did not once suspect or interrogate him?...

"This clearly means that there are certain forces within India that are allied to the US and Israel and working in tandem to foment terror attacks...

"Attacks coincide with Headleys' presence in India ...the terror attacks in Hyderabad II (25/8/07), Bangalore (25/7/08), Ahmedabad & Surat (26/7/08) & Delhi (13/9/08).

"All these blasts made it easier for the pro-US elements to take the country into the American-Israeli strategic orbit in the name of fighting the global war on terror.

"Again even the blasts that Shri Hemant Karkare has traced to the Abhinav Bharat, find a relation to Headley's footprints.

"Thus he is present during Malegaon (8/9/06), Samjhauta Express (19/2/07), Mecca Masjid, Hyderabad I (18/5/07)."

At truthout, on 14 April 2010, J. Sri Raman explained that the American David Headley, who helped plan the Mumbai Attacks of 2008, has soured the India-US "Strategic Partnership"

India's 'Left' is arguing against India's "special" relationship with the USA.

The 'far right', who prefer Bush to Obama, hope to use the Headley affair to bash Pakistan.

Headley is increasingly seen in India as an agent of the CIA.

Headley is in the USA and there will be no trial and no extradition to India.

Headley traveled to India in March 2009, four months after the 26/11/08 Mumbai Attacks.

But the USA did not alert India.

It looks as though the USA was trying to prevent Headley from being arrested, according to top officials of India's Home Ministry.

B. Raman, a former Indian spy chief says: "That Headley was an agent for the US Drug Enforcement Administration is known.

"Whether he was being used by the CIA as well is a matter of speculation, but it is almost certain that the CIA was aware of him and his movements across the subcontinent."

India's Home Ministry has cited legal opinion that India is entitled to have access to Headley and also entitled to have him extradited to India.


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