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Terre'Blanche liked teenage boys.

Most extreme right wing politicians like boys.

White supremacist Eugene Terre'Blanche, of South Africa's Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB), appears to have been gay. (Homosexual Link to Terre'blanche Murder Examined / Terre 'gay sex' death probe)

The Afrikaans newspaper Rapport has reported that a white teenage boy in Mr Terreblanche's party had to be taken to a safe house after alleging sexual abuse at the hands of Terre'Blanche.

The party leader, Steyn van Ronge, confirmed that the teenager spent nights alone "in Terreblanche's arms" at the remote farm house."

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Two South African farm workers accused of murdering Terre'Blanche, on 3 April 2010, claim that Terre'Blanche made homosexual advances.

According to a lawyer for the accused: "My instructions from my client are that there was some sodomy going on and it sparked the murder of Mr Terre'Blanche."

The accused farm workers are aged 28 and 15.

Terre'Blanche was found dead in his bed with his trousers around his knees.

The lawyer, representing the older worker, said that Terre'Blanche had plied both workers with alcohol.

The 15-year-old's lawyer said that "something shocking happened".

In the 1980s Terre'Blanche was implicated in reports of a sex crime.

South African weekly newspaper, Vrye Weekblad published the story of an AWB bodyguard who claimed to have woken up to find Mr Terre'Blanche on top of him, trying to molest him. (Eugene Terre'Blanche 'tried to rape men accused of his murder'‎)

"It's not a complete secret that Eugene had some of these tendencies," said Max du Preez, who founded the Vrye Weekblad newspaper in the 1980s. (ET's sex scandal surfaces again)

Paul Motshabi was permanently disabled when he was beaten up by Terre'Blanche in 1996. (Eugène Terre'Blanche - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)


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Anonymous said...

I never read anywhere clues about Hitler being a homosexual, instead it is a sure fact that Ernst Roehm, one of Hitler's closest friend, was one as well as most of the chiefs of the SA which he was heading. The SA was not only the security service of the NSDAP, it was its leftist wing and was somehow connected to part of Germany's underworld. Because it represented a potential threat the SA leadership was exterminated during the night of the long knives, the nazi apparatus had to beg Hitler in order to kill Roehm...

Julian Real said...

You are misusing the term "gay" here, in a virulently homophobic way.

Shame on you.

And on Yom HaShoah, posting that vile image of a Hitler-like figure.

Double shame on you.

What sort of morality allows you to do this?

Anonymous said...

This is a huge lie, Zio propaganda. Get ur info right if u pretend to be in the alternative field. Terreblanche was a real patriot. This is nothing but a smear campaign. White ppl/farmers have been living a hell in Africa, especially in South Africa and Zimbabwe, the blacks pillage them, rape them and kill them, but noone says a word about it, even on such sites. Oh, yeah, the white man is their archenemy, always to blame. The real racists are Jews and Black, keep that in mind. And yes, shame on u, for spreading such disinfo.

Alice M.

Julian Real said...

@All: this is "the Nazis were homosexuals" BS is NOT new speculation. There are lots of things written about all of the upper leaders in the Nazi party not being what they were, so very proudly: heterosexual.

I suppose the next bit of ridiculousness will be that all Nazis were Romani, Jewish, Leftist intellectuals too! Oh, and Jehovah's Witnesss and Communist Union Leaders.

They're almost all dead, right?

So why not be concerned about the decidedly U.S. (and other nations') white het men who are mass raping killing people in Iraq, Afghanistan?

Why trail off into speculation-land, when genocide in the U.S. and Canada by white het men against Indigenous North Americans is still happening?

Why? Because discussing BS like this means you don't have to deal with the actual atrocities that are going on right now, militariliy backed by white het Christian men and their nations. And if you think Pres. Obama has any real power to change this, you might be interested in the story that all the Nazis were gay Leftist intellectuals! lol

Julian Real said...

@Alice M.,

"Zio Propaganda"??? WTF?

As for this:
White ppl/farmers have been living a hell in Africa, especially in South Africa and Zimbabwe, the blacks pillage them, rape them and kill them, but noone says a word about it, even on such sites.

Why don't you get you white colonising, white supremacist, illegal alien asses out of South Africa???

Oh, yeah, the white man is their archenemy, always to blame.

For genocide against people of color internationally, for destabilising nations in Africa with munitions from Europe, and white male supremacist/white Christian indoctrination and brutality... uhhhh... YES. If whites aren't happy in South Africa, surely they can relocated to Northern Europe, and join in on the anti-Semitism and virulent anti-Black racism and anti-Arab/Muslim racism there.

The real racists are Jews and Black, keep that in mind. And yes, shame on u, for spreading such disinfo.

The real racist here is YOU. Blatantly. Clearly. And without any shame, regret, remorse, or apology. Please don't piggyback off my comments to fuel your anti-Semitic Nazi-protecting CRAP.

The racists are white. Some in Israel of European descent are too, and are fueling racist actions against Black Jews there, and racist military actions against Palestinians.

Now, given that Jews are .22 percent of the global population, and white Christians are A LOT MORE, who do you suppose ARE THE WHITE HET MALE SUPREMACIST RACISTS, GLOBALLY?

That would be white heterosexual male Christians, Alice. Do the math. Notice of something called "reality". Who organised stealing American Indian kids from their families to raise them Christian and white? White het Christian men did that.

Who put First Nations kids in schools where they could be brutally mistreated and sexually assaulted? That would be white het Christian men, again.

Which religious institution covers up it's child sex abuse rings and the rape of nuns? That would be white het Christian men, again.

Alice, get your lenses checked, and stop blaming Blacks for WHITE CHRISTIANS being where they should never be in the first place! Get your white Christian friends to stop your spiritually genocidal practices of "missionary work". Get your white brethren to stop trying to take over and control nations of color.

Anonymous said...

@Julian Real

Julian Real said...

@Anonymous of 6:59pm,

Yes, a 1995 title. I remember it well. So why is this being rehashed now? When white het men are showing themselves to be so virulently oppressive to so many groups of people? Gay men, women of all ethnicities and sexualities, and men of color. Diversion is a key strategy for maintaining institutionalised oppression and atrocity.

Anonymous said...

First, what the deuce is "white het men" mean?
Second, elite homosexuals, not rank and file homosexuals are the penultimate mysogynists.
History is written by the winners. Homosexuals occupy the winners seat in every social political and economical arena.Therefore our history is their history. Orwell's 1984 is how big brother watches over all. The last movie version had as the Winston Smith character a flagrant homosexual playing the reverse role of victim. And the hetero Richard Burton who actually was a switch hitter to get ahead. (make no mistake one MUST be homosexual to get ahead). As the victimiser,
I am sure the homosexual men you deal with are witty and charming so is the devil. Make sure you are not being deceived by wicked devious devils. It appears you are totally seduced by their charm.

Julian Real said...

@Anonymous of 12:26am

First, what the deuce is "white het men" mean?


Second, elite homosexuals, not rank and file homosexuals are the penultimate mysogynists.

Like elite WHM batterers of women? Like elite serial and marital rapists? Het date rapists? Het incest perpetrators? You know most incest is father figures raping their daughters, right? ALL U.S. presidents to date, who have supported WHM genocidal, gynocidal, homophobic practices?

History is written by the winners.

Right: Western History is written OVERWHELMINGLY by White Heterosexual Men.

Homosexuals occupy the winners seat in every social political and economical arena. [And the rest...]

You are clearly insane. There will obviously be no value in debating this further with you. Please get help, or just be quiet.

Anonymous said...

Poor poor Julian resorting to calling me insane. awww
Look dude I have no quarrel with rank and file homosexuals. They are victims like sooo many others. What we deal with is a group of elite secret society types who are almost all homosexuals.An ancient brotherhood going back over centuries.
You describe crimes against women by heterosexuals, well, it is like prisons. Prisons have the low class rank and file criminals. The really bad criminals are never in prison their crimes are never exposed. So too,the elite criminals are homosexuals who never get exposed. only the low class rank and file hetero sexuals are exposed like the examples you give.
Relax cupcake we are not against all homosexuals . Just the elites

Julian Real said...

@Anonymous of 8:26am

Running along with your rather bizarre theory, who are "the elite heterosexuals" then? What social position and status do they have?

Your theory is insane, unless you can back it up with more than just, um, your theorising.

I can say that the tippety top of the elite folks are Martians of unknown sexual orientation. There. Done. Fact. Stated. I could even produce a few books that describe how our Western civilisation was inhabited by beings from another planet, or solar system, or galaxy.

Soooo, do you have anything besides a few books to back you up?

If your sole point is that some among the most powerful white het men are secretly "homosexual" not "heterosexual" well, that's about as newsworthy as noting that some U.S. rich white het folks have their money in Swiss bank accounts while others own expensive properties and wide expanses of land.

Anonymous said...

Julian your arrogance is somewhere between exasperating and frightening. You are clearly not an innocent because of this arrogance.
I only have a few books to back me up. That must make you feel secure, huh?
The gays have always had the best sex, drugs, and rock and roll.Everywhere in the urban landscape are gays.Only the elite reside in these urban bastions.
Outsiders/provincials see this .Your over reactions to "gay finger pointing" also has damning implications of your guilt. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

To label Hitler as "right-wing" is ridiculous. Nationalizing industries and forcing the rest to produce what he wanted, claimed to support the working class while taxing them to death, forced ridiculous building projects all to sustain himself and his party, all while having unbelievably lavish parties for the privileged party-faithful. Mmm. Sounds like Obama and the Dems to me. as far as homosexual leanings, strange that he surrounded himself with those who were homosexual. Even his SS was loaded with violent homosexual activity. Good grief, they worshipped the male body!

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