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EWWW...Big Government Puts a Bad Taste in My Mouth. It would be good if there were more people like Ron Paul in Congress?

What happened in the US elections?

"Well it seems that the Rothschild backed CFR member that wants a New World Order just beat the Rothschild backed CFR member that wants a New World Order to the Whitehouse.

What will happen in the UK elections?

"In Britain a Rothschild puppet who wants a New World Order will be defeated by a Rothschild puppet that wants a New World Order too." (Cached)

Labour's Blair and the Conservatives' Cameron - same policies on Afghanistan and Israel.

Big organisations are usually bad.

In 2009, General Electric made $10.3 billion in income.

But it paid no tax.

Instead it got a tax benefit of $1.1 billion. (What The Top U.S. Companies Pay In Taxes)

When there are big governments, it's the little people who pay taxes.

In 2008, Carlsberg, of Denmark, and Heineken, of the Netherlands bought the UK brewer called Scottish and Newcastle.

The Scottish & Newcastle brewery at Reading in the UK will soon be closed.

Heads of department are now in Amsterdam. (Foreign takeovers in Britain: Small island for sale The Economist)

Big governments do not defend the little people.

Small organisations are good.

The richest countries in the world are all small countries (GDP (nominal) per capita.):

The least corrupt countries are all small countries (Corruption.):

New Zealand

The happiest countries in the world are all small countries (Happiest countries ):

Costa Rica (which has no army)

Others that are usually listed include Finland, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, Canada.

In the USA there are too many big bad institutions, such as the Pentagon.

Are all the big parties pretty much the same?

In the UK there is to be a general election.

The best outcome will be a 'hung parliament' where neither of the big parties has a majority and the small parties have to be listened to.

Of the small UK parties, we do not like UKIP because it wants to increase spending on defence by 40%.

We do not like the Liberal Democrats because they want to keep the troops in Afghanistan.

We do like the Scottish and Welsh Nationalists who want to take the troops out of Afghanistan and who want to scrap Trident and ID cards.

Others worth considering are the Green party (anti war), Respect (wants troops out of Afghanistan), TUSC (anti war) and the Alliance for Democracy whose policy is 'whatever the public want, they get'.

Gordon Brown's Labour Party wants to keep Trident missiles, at a cost of around £100 billion. Brown plans bigger cuts than under Margaret Thatcher.

The Scottish National Party (SNP) pledge investment as they attack Labour 'cuts'

The SNP attack Labour for planning "deeper and tougher" cuts than under Margaret Thatcher's government.

The SNP, in power in Scotland, claims it is funding 500 times more houses for poor people than Labour did during their last four years in power in Scotland.

The SNP says the Labour Party's Alistair Darling has admitted that Labour's cuts will be 'deeper and tougher' than even those of Margaret Thatcher.

The SNP stood shoulder-to-shoulder with workers at drinks firm Diageo, when jobs were threatened.


Scotland needs champions SNP - Scottish National Party

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