Tuesday, April 20, 2010


arthurzbygniew.blogspot/ brought our attention to an article at worldreports.org/ entitled: POLAND’S SUSPICIOUS SECOND KATYN MASSACRE TRAGEDY

Among the points made:

(1) President Mikheil Saakashvili of Georgia has stated in a CNN interview that 'something incredibly evil was involved here'.

(2) A close examination of the precise terrain WEST of the Smolensk-Severnyi military airport reveals that for an extended area, the terrain is DISTINCTLY LOWER than the airport itself, which is situated on a sort of plateau. The area to the WEST of the military airport is between 100 and 150 feet BELOW the plateau. In THAT case, the plane COULD NOT HAVE SCRAPED THE TOPS OF TREES, unless the trees were about 400 feet high.

Had someone sabotaged the altimeter?

(3) An article in The Guardian cites a Polish MP who attended the memorial gathering in the Katyn forests, having travelled there by train, who claims that at the time of the alleged 'accident', which occurred just before 11:00 a.m., there were blue skies over Katyn, which is located about ten miles from the crash site. The Polish MP's remark is found at the end of the article: here's the link: guardian.poland-president-plane-crash-kaczynski

• See also the following article in the Daily Mail:

(4) An Italian source, informazionescorretta.blogspot.com, reported on 14th April that three Russian boys heard and saw an explosion before the crash.

(5) An aircraft crammed with Polish journalists landed just 40 minutes after the crash, and went straight to Katyn, as though nothing had happened.

(6) The pilot is reported by Polish sources to have been struggling with defective altimeter and airspeed indicators. There are reports that radar revealed that the plane was only 10 metres off the ground, which is inconsistent with the treetop story.

It should be noted that a favourite DVD (German intelligence) crash stratagem is to fiddle PRECISELY with the altimeter and speed indicators. This is in fact a known hallmark of a DVD OPERATION, raising suspicions of collaboration by foreign intelligence or even of a METABRIDGE OP. (Mossad-CIA-MI-6-DVD), as the Poles had snubbed the IMF over Greece.

(7) The 25-year-old aircraft had undergone a complete overhaul at a factory in southern Russia late in 2009.

This makes a planned malfunction likely.

(8) Issues contemporaneous with this catastrophe include:

• Most conspicuously, the peak level of intergovernmental tensions surrounding the disposition and settlement of diverted and stolen funds, given not least that Poland was exploited during the Bush II Administration, when the US Ambassador to Poland was a known George W. Bush crony and Polish institutions were flooded with the proceeds of illicit off-balance sheet trades leveraged off diverted and stolen funds.

pennyforyourthoughts2.blogspot/ reports:

"The decision was made by President Kaczynski and his cabinet to begin the process of ... exiting the E.U." - Poland: Untangling themselves from the trappings of world government ?






nobody said...

Hey Aang, nice one. You might want to pop over to Penny's place. She has an interesting thing about Poland refusing to play ball with the internationalists. Apparently they bought no swine flu vaccine at all. Oh, and there was talk of them exiting the EU. Big stuff.

arthur zbygniew said...

about the icelandic volcano and some NATO operations (italian-english):vulcano islandese : misure esagerate

Penny said...

thanks for the link to!

I have been wrestling with the idea of some sort of sabotage of what I would call the navigational tools.

Though I would not, at this time, necessarily point my finger at Russia.
I have been wondering about the news of the planes overhaul in Russia a year earlier approximately.

Is this some kind of smoke screen or diversionary tactic to have people look at Russia as the likely perpetrator??

When the reality is the time between overhaul and flight, many hands came in contact with the plane.

I have been having a lovely chat with hubris at my place on one of the Poland posts about this topic.
Thanks again!

arthur zbygniew said...

update: iceland volcano: uk met office data unreliable

Bob said...

How does Russia benefit?

Lech Kaczynski and his political allies were staunch supporters of the Neocon 'Missile Shield' Russian Encirclement policy which has been halted by the Obama Administration.

If this program initiative is restarted, THAT is the smoking gun of cui bono, 'who benefits'!

Given the violent death of the plan's foremost Polish promoters, the Russians will not vigorously oppose it as they have in the past, greatly increasing the odds of its implementation.


Christopher said...

Russia will benefit a lot. PM Donald Tusk Already pro Russian PM and liberal pary head sign a deal for Russian gas, making Poland dependend on Russian order until 2045. The deal is worth $100 bil.

Polish RIP President was against prevous deal for Russian gas delivery until 2022. Poland contracted more gas that uses...???

Polish RIP President wanted make Poland energy independent. There is new way of developing the natural gas from natural resources, which Poland geologist discovered not that long ago, and President was very happy about it.

Gen. Franciszek Gagor was just about to be apoited as next head of NATO. Guess what would have happened under him? Ukraine, Georgia would become full members of NATO. He was great leader which American military adired in Iraq & Afganistan... Will see who will be now...

There are just a few why, there are way major more.

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