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In elections, the bad guys avoid certain subjects.

According to Aldous Huxley:

"By simply not mentioning certain subjects... propagandists have influenced opinion much more effectively..."

(Convince People of Absurdities and get them Acquiescing to Atrocities: The Enduring Power of Machiavellian Political Science)

So, in the recent US elections, there was little or no mention of 'doubts about the official version of 9 11' or 'Operation Mockingbird' (the CIA operation to control the media worldwide).

And in the present UK election campaign there will be little mention of 'doubts about the official version of the London Tube bombings', or 'Scotland's oil wealth', or 'Jersey child abuse', or 'shadowy organisations like Bilderberg'.

"The Bilderberg Group will meet this year in Spain and continue to advance their agenda for world economic governance while agreeing to prolong the global financial recession for another year." (Bilderberg To Prolong Global Financial Recession For Another Year)

Labour means wars, poverty, debt and corruption?

Some politicians have a dark side.

In the UK, Stuart MacLennan, the Labour party candidate for Moray in Scotland, has made some Twitter postings (Scottish Sun).

He called House of Commons speaker John Bercow a "t**", Tory chief David Cameron a "t***" and Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg "a b******".

He described veteran Labour MP Diane Abbot as "a f****** idiot".

Labour really love Scotland! - Such High Quality Of Candidates?

In 2008, there was panic among the powers-that-be when the anti-war Scottish National Party won the by-election in Glasgow East, the Labour Party's third safest seat.

When it came to the by-election in Glenrothes, the powers-that-be were not asleep.

It looks like the GLENROTHES election WAS RIGGED.

Gordon Brown of the Labour Party, the party of war and poverty. Photograph: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

The Scottish National Party (SNP) are doing well in Scotland, according to the latest poll of readers of the Sunday Post (April 2010). (more >>> )

SNP - 37.6%

Conservatives - 26%

Labour - 19%

Sunday Post readers may not be entirely typical.

However, on 8 April 2010, an Angus Reid Public Opinion poll in Scotland, showed SNP support up 9% and Labour support down 5%.

The anti-war SNP should be able to hold the balance of power in the London parliament, unless there is vote rigging and dirty tricks.

"Money and its power over technology are making elections unfair.

"The military-industrial complex is as powerful as ever, having adopted 'the menace of global terrorism' as its casus belli." (As democracy unravels at home, the west thuggishly exports it elsewhere)


Present polls suggest that the Conservatives will not gain a majority.

The UK Polling Report seat calculator gives the Conservatives 305 MPs, 21 short of an overall majority, but 43 ahead of Labour. The Conservatives would have to form a minority government. (Poll Watch: bookies say Tories are a good bet)

Two new statistical models do not assume a uniform swing.

Daniel Finkelstein's Fink Tank shows the Conservatives winning 318 seats, which is short of an overall majority, but ahead of Labour on 259 and the Liberal Democrats on 48.

The Politics Home Poll Centre has the Conservatives winning 315 seats, which is short of an overall majority, but ahead of Labour on 255, and the Lib Dems on 48.

Dr Stephen Fisher, of Oxford University, predicts 9% of voters use tactical voting, influencing the results of about 80 seats in the process. (Will tactical voting swing 2010 general election?)

For example, in Dumfries and Galloway, Labour and Liberal democrat voters might switch to the Scottish National Party if they want to avoid the Conservative winning.

In the June 2009 Euro-Elections, the result in Dumfries and Galloway was:

Conservatives 12,239 votes

Scottish National Party 8,247

Labour 5,733

The Labour Party will try to make out that Labour has a chance of winning.






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Are countries that have debt from other companies outside of their control truly sovereign countries

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