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Barack Obama was unimpressed when, in 2008, he met David Cameron, the leader of the UK's Conservative Party.

Obama commented: "What a lightweight!" (Obama's view of Cameron: a lightweight, claims magazine.)

"David Cameron failed to secure an audience with Obama at the White House." (Shrunken ambitions)

Is there a plot, by the powers that be, to have the UK run by a national government, led by someone like the Liberal Democrat's Nick Clegg, or the Labour party's David Miliband, who is Jewish?

Nick Clegg - Is A Fraud: Why He's Still One of Them.

The BBC seems to have been going out of its way to promote Nick Clegg's Liberal Democrat Party and thus bring about some kind of coalition or national government.

According to journalist Martin Walker, Nick Clegg is a "passionate internationalist who believes in global government." (The US and the UK?‎)

Clegg, in a speech at Chatham House, said: "Globalization requires us to formulate a system of supranational governance capable of controlling forces which escape the limitations of the nation state." (The US and the UK: A Special Relationship?‎)

It was Nick Clegg who said: "After the economic 9/11, we will face a new world order…"

Scottish National Party.

On 27 April 2010, the Financial Times reported that "David Cameron’s campaign team is exploring the possibility of a deal with ... Scottish and Welsh nationalist MPs in the event of a hung parliament, in an attempt to avoid giving in to Liberal Democrat demands for electoral reform." (Tories eye pact with smaller parties)

The Northern Ireland unionists, the Scottish National party and Wales's Plaid Cymru might do a deal with Cameron if such a deal would "protect their parts of the UK from the worst effects of any spending cuts."

Cameron's team want to avoid a deal with Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats, who say that electoral reform would be the price of any post-election pact.

The Scottish and Welsh nationalists want to bring the troops home from Afghanistan, want to scrap Trident, and want to avoid the London funding to Scotland and Wales being cut by 10%.

A Labour - Liberal Democrat alliance, or a national government, would have no difficulty in cutting funding to Scotland and Wales by 10%.

The best hope for Scotland and Wales is a big vote for the nationalists.

But the nationalists are being got at by the media.


chuckyman said...

Well said.

Nationalism is like exposure to clear daylight for the globalist vampires. We need to get to know and run our own communities and not compete as wage slaves in a global gulag


v word= awaighte (would sound right in a Georgie accent)

hubris said...

Is there a plot, by the powers that be, to have the UK run by a national government, led by someone like the Liberal Democrat's Nick Clegg, . . .

From Paddy Ashdown onwards, and possibly before for all I know, the Security Services/Military 'clique' in the Brit establishment has controlled the Lib Dems

Paddy Ashdown was their man, which he proved during the 'Rape of Yugoslavia'

After Pantsdown came Charles Kennedy. It appears Kennedy was a bit too much of a wild cannon for the SS/military clique

Kennedy was kicked out after 'revelations' about his drinking - of course his actual real opposition to the Iraq Slaughter had nothing to do with 'the powers that be' wanting to shut him up (end sarcasm) - his ousting was so well-coordinated it had to qualify as a conspiracy - IMHO a Security Services conspiracy

SO after him came the security services/Military-connected Menzies Campbell

His 'election' was a strange one indeed. After the media and Security Services conspired (IMHO) to oust Kennedy, they then proceeded to conspire to nobble every other candidate, bar Campbell

EVERY other candidate was kyboshed along the way, usually by embarrassing 'revelations' leaked to the media. Once again this appeared to be so well-coordinated it had to qualify as another conspiracy - IMHO another Security Services conspiracy - or if you like - a continuation of the same conspiracy which ousted Kennedy.

Since it was obvious to me at the time that Campbell hadn't a hope in hell of attracting voters to the Lib Dem camp, since most people wouldn't vote for him in a fit, I remarked to many that he was intended merely as a place-holder until some murky forces could better-position their own candidate to take over from the doddery old Campbell, with a view to challenging the other two parties - so as to continue the illusion that the UK is an actual real-live 'Democracy™'

Lo and behold, within a week or two of Campbell's 'election', little Nicky Clegg, previously a complete non-entity, was fast rising in stature within the media and therefore the party (or vice-versa, makes no difference)

so I immediately surmised that Clegg was the Security Services plant to take over and run the Lib Dems - so as to continue the illusion that the UK is an actual real-live 'Democracy™'

Q.E.D :)

Marycatherine Barton said...

I am so sorry to read that the media is trying to get the nationalists defeated, when that movement is what would be best for Scotland and for Wales.

Anonymous said...

nationalist movements would be best not only for Scotland and Wales, but for almost all countries. and first of all for Russia. You can't imagine what's happening here now, Russian government just don't know what new crazy law to invent. We, Russians, almost don't have any rights in our country, but immigrants and jews have a lot of rights here, especially jews, who try to protect themselves from Russian nationalists and cases of antisemitism. If only heavenly Powers could rid Russia of this leprosy for ever...

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