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Jacob Zuma, the South African president, used as his election campaign song an old war chant: 'Bring me my machine-gun'.

There are around 40,000 white farmers in South Africa.

Twenty years after the end of apartheid, whites still own about three-quarters of the country's agricultural land.

Around 3,000 white farmers have been murdered since 1994, the year the African National Congress came to power. (South African farm attacks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Township Dukatole (Maletswai, Südafrika) by Heinz-Josef Lücking

A report on abuse of black farm workers found that 15 percent of respondents reported physical abuse.

Nearly 40 percent of farmworkers reported some kind of abusive treatment from farm owners. (ASSAULTS AGAINST FARMWORKERS)

Since the mid-Nineties, 900,000 mainly white South Africans have emigrated from South Africa - about 20 per cent of the white population - "most of them due to soaring crime rates". (South Africa World Cup 2010... and the shooting's already started.)

South African farmer Kobus Coeztee told WorldNetDaily (South Africa's White Farmers Under Siege): "we white farmers feed the black population.

"But look at Zimbabwe. The black leaders have engineered a famine against their own black citizens. It's as if it's all part of some horrible 'master plan.'

"Apparently getting blacks to starve blacks to death doesn't really bother anyone in the Western world."

Aletta Kloppers, Coetzee's neighbor, explained to WorldNetDaily how rogue blacks broke into her farmhouse and tried to rape and rob her family.


Some of the farm killings appear to be drug related.

South African Police told WorldNetDaily that Pakistani's have bought up several farmers after the white owners were killed and began planting poppies of Central Asian origin.

"South Africa ... is the transit point for 25 percent of the world's drugs," says South African policewoman Debbie Botha.

Private security companies, staffed by former special forces operators, are now at work.

Several groups of farmers have sought the help of Executive Outcomes, led by former Apartheid-era special forces members.

"The radical blacks hate us, because we are strong, blonde, hard working and productive. We came to South Africa and turned it into the richest country in the world, while before we came, the locals had been here for many centuries and did nothing with the land," Coetzee told WorldNetDaily.

Picture by Henry Trotter

Aletta Kloppers, Coetzee's closest neighbor, says: "Look at the problems on the border with Mexico and the United States, and at massive Third World immigration in Europe.

"European, Western Civilization is totally under siege by the New World Order elite..."

"The great Boer prophet Seer van Rensburg has prophecized that the whites will again come to rule in Southern Africa."

In South Africa, Cape Talk radio interviewed a Zimbabwean Reuters reporter and broadcaster who has been granted ex-white farm land.

The interviewer asked him if the farm murders in South Africa are part of a repossession drive and he said yes.

Fans celebrating the upcoming 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa (Camps Bay, Cape Town) Author: Audrey & Patrick Scales

1. Siyabonga Cwele is South Africa's intelligence minister.

In January 2010, his wife, Sheryl Cwele, was arrested on drug-dealing charges. (S African minister's wife Sheryl Cwele on drug charges)

Mrs Cwele was charged with procuring a woman, Charmaine Moss, to collect drugs in Turkey.

Moss is the state's main witness. (Sheryl Cwele facing drugs charges - Hawks )

Mrs Cwele was also charged with getting another woman to smuggle cocaine from Brazil.

Mrs Cwele is facing the charges with Frank Nabolis, a Nigerian arrested in South Africa in December 2009.

Sheryl Cwele's arrest followed that of Tessa Beetge, a South African woman arrested in Brazil with cocaine in her luggage.

Beetge was sentenced to eight years in prison.

Mrs Cwele was director for health and community services at the Hibiscus Coast Municipality.

(Cwele drug-trafficking trial to start in October.)

2. In 1999, George Monbiot wrote about South Africa that "Twenty-two per cent of its pregnant women are HIV-positive.

"Within ten years, the country’s average life expectancy will drop from 59 to 40." ( » A Murderous Conspiracy)

3. China has overtaken the US, Japan, Germany and the UK to become South Africa's biggest trading partner. ( - South Africa: China now top trading partner - Africa ...)

This could annoy certain people.

4. Israel had close relations with white South Africa.

South Africa has a large Jewish community.


THAILAND - soldiers open fire.

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su said...

South Africa HAD a large Jewish community.
They mostly moved to Australia, New Zealand and Cananda.

I personally think some outside force is working up to some major catastrophe for the World Cup. I think Julius Malema is being used to this end.

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