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A senior arms lobbyist was gaining access to UK ministers inside Parliament using a research assistant pass allotted to a top Liberal Democrat. Image from:

Jack Abramoff has been a lobbyist.

"Less than a week before the 9 11 attack, Atta and several other hijackers were aboard one of Abramoff's casino boats." (The Secret World of Jack Abramoff)

There are lobbyists for Israel, for the arms industry, for the drinks industry, for the CIA and so on.

The political parties are full of lobbysists and CIA assets.

Nick Clegg, leader of the UK Liberal Democrats, was a partner with euro-lobbyist GPlus.

GPlus represented the interests of Gazprom.

Clegg's chief of staff Danny Alexander is the former director of communications with the European Movement. (Connect the euro-dots: Clegg, Alexander...CIA? )

The European Movement wants a centralised EU government.

The CIA wants a united Europe and has poured millions into bodies that support a united Europe.

The CIA set up the American Committee on United Europe (ACUE) which has provided secret funds to the European Movement, the organisation for which Nick Cleggs' chief of staff worked. (Connect the euro-dots: Clegg, Alexander...CIA? )

Most people don't notice.

Nick Harvey is the Liberal Democrat's defence spokesman.

Harvey worked for Harrison Cowley, a lobbying firm whose interests include the defence industry. (The Lib Dems are a party full of shadow lobbyists Mail Online)

The current Liberal Democrat leader in the House of Lords, Lord McNally, has been a lobbyist.

McNally was the head of the Hill Knowlton public affairs firm.

McNally is a former vice-chairman of Weber Shandwick, which has done work for Nestle.

The Liberal Democrat's Treasury spokesman Jeremy Browne has worked with at least three lobbying firms.

Lord Newby, who represents the Lib Dems on the Treasury in the House of Lords, has worked for the public affairs firm Matrix Communications.

Lord Tyler, Liberal Democrat spokesman on constitutional affairs, is a former lobbyist.

Both Nick Clegg's wife and the treasurer of the Liberal Democrats, Lord Clement- Jones, are linked to lobbying firm DLA Piper.

No fewer than than 20 new Liberal Democrats candidates are lobbyists. (The Lib Dems are a party full of shadow lobbyists Mail Online )

The Daily Telegraph has reported that UK Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg received payments from:

Ian Wright, a senior executive at drinks firm Diageo

Neil Sherlock, the head of public affairs at accountants KPMG

Michael Young, a former gold-mining executive.

The payments went into Nick Clegg's private bank account.

(Nick Clegg, the Lib Dem donors and payments into his private bank account.)

What about Nick Clegg's £90,000 expenses claims? (General Election 2010: Clegg says 'no, I'm the man for change ...)

Clegg and friend

In 2009, UK government minister Tessa Jowell's husband David Mills was sentenced to four and a half years jail in Italy for corruption.

After Tony Blair won the 1997 general election, he made Tessa Jowell his public health minister.

According to The Observer ( How the lawyer's pub deal brewed a storm of trouble ) :

At the time Jowell was involved in discussions with the drinks industry about a range of issues from relaxing drinking regulations to alcopops.

She was also working on a white paper about the future of tobacco use that would see the government back away from banning smoking in pubs...

Documents obtained by The Observer reveal that on 8 February 1998, Tessa Jowell's husband David Mills used a company based in the British Virgin Islands to buy 90,895 shares in a little-known firm called the Old Monk Company...

The Old Monk Company is involved with pubs and drink.Mills pumped £80,000 into the company...Reportedly the shares were sold, on 3 September 1999, for £147,977.

Assuming the detailed evidence collected by the Italian prosecutor is accurate, this suggests that in a space of just 18 months while his wife was public health minister, Mills had turned a profit of £67,000 - a return of more than 80 per cent...

Opponents are likely to seize on this as an apparent conflict of interest that should have been declared.

The Observer article continues: Within 18 months the Labour Party would be trying to secure votes at the 2001 General Election by sending out text messages to students saying: 'Cdnt give a XXXX 4 lst ordrs? Then vote Labour for extra time.'

After Labour was returned to power, Jowell was promoted to Culture Secretary with the job of driving through the new drinking laws. (BLAIR, JOWELL, MILLS, BERLUSCONI, THE MAFIA)

That meant more kids consuming bottles of gin.

Anybody notice?

Not all politicians work for the drinks industry.

The Scottish National Party wants to tackle the problem of drunken children.

In Scotland, two former Labour health ministers broke ranks with their party over Scottish National Party government proposals for minimum alcohol pricing in Scotland.

Malcolm Chisholm and Susan Deacon said they both supported the SNP policy, which the Labour Party strongly opposes. (BBC News - Ex-Labour health ministers back minimum drink pricing)

In 2008, The Independent reported that Robin Ashby, a senior arms lobbyist with Bergmans, was gaining access to ministers inside Parliament using a research assistant pass allotted to Lady Harris, a top Liberal Democrat, who benefits financially from one of his companies.

Bergmans offers insider information about how the British Government works to foreign countries including the USA and Russia. (

Hollie Grieg News Update: Robert Green Arrested on 15 APRIL 2010 ...

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