Tuesday, April 13, 2010


In 2009, up to 120 people, including civilians, were reported killed in a series of US airstrikes on two villages in Afghanistan (www.timesonline.co.uk/.../article6237189.ece)

Obama promised change?

On 12 April 2010, in Afghanistan, American troops raked a large passenger bus with gunfire, killing and wounding civilians. (Deadly US attack on Afghan bus sparks outrage )

Politics can be about conning people.

In the USA, you have certain Republicans and Democrats presenting themselves as clean living Christians who just want to help the ordinary folks all the way from Oregon to Maine.

They do not admit to being a bunch of mafia-fascists with dodgy sex lives.

Gordon Brown, of the Labour Party, supported the war in Iraq

There is a growing gap between the small rich elite and the rest of us.

Bart Becht, the boss of Reckitt , which makes Nurofen, earned £92m last year.

Let's not be conned.

The US and UK governments have accumulated big debts and the ordinary folks are going to suffer.

A Bank of International Settlements report (world is bankrupt: western society's last days) shows that "Britain faces the highest structural deficit in the OECD club of rich states, with a mounting risk that public debt will explode out of control.

"Interest payments on the UK's public debt will double from 5pc of GDP to 10pc within a decade under the bank's 'baseline scenario' before spiralling upwards to 27pc by 2040, the highest in the industrial world."

In the UK, there are plenty of reasons why 13 years of Labour rule is just too much

The UK government now has a higher budget deficit than Greece.

The average UK family now pays 10% more tax than it did in 1997.

In England, council tax has risen by more than 105%.

(In Scotland the Scottish National Party has frozen council tax.)

Pensions have been hit by more than £100 billion.

Labour is planning "deeper and tougher" cuts than under Margaret Thatcher.

The UK gold reserves were sold at an extremely low price.

The money given to the National Health System has gone mainly to useless bureaucrats.

The UK's ability to control its own laws has been greatly limited by the signing of the Lisbon treaty.

Lies were told to take the UK into wars.

The anti-war Scottish National Party (SNP) does not try to con people.

The SNP warns that Gordon Brown's Labour party plans £30 billion of cuts for Scotland over the next 15 years.

And the Conservative Party is planning similar cuts in Scotland.

A group of top academics has worked out that if Scotland's parliament gets economic powers, Scotland will become much richer. (More tax powers could boost growth says Reform Scotland)

Conservative Party
Liberal Democrats
New Labour Party

The leader visits Kirkcaldy?

ElaineS left the following comment on the post "CONNING THE MIDDLE-INCOME PEOPLE"

"People in Scotland will vote for Labour.

"you spout bullshit regards Gordon Brown and Labour...

"Gordon Brown ... is one of the nocest men ever, he is from my hometown and the people in my part of Scotland love him.

"You know nothign about him...

"Gordon is a man of principal..."



arthur zbygniew said...

check:world is bankrupt: western society's last days

chuckyman said...

After Gordo finally managed to oust Blair and gain power, people in Scotland were very defensive of the negative press he received. They believed the headlines were aimed at him purely because he is Scottish. That honeymoon period is now over.

I live in Scotland and a lot of people are angry at the main parties. They are angry at the corruption in politics – both local and national. They are angry at the banks for buggering up the economy.

The MSM have been trying to undermine the SNP by instilling a fear of the financial consequences of an independent Scotland. It doesn’t take long to acquaint them with the realities. Britain’s financial future is bleak. The collapse of a financial bubble drove the Scots back into the union. Let’s hope the recent banking collapse points the way to freedom once more.

Newspaceman said...

I live in Scotland too, but believe for that the banking crisis was orchestrated - not for freedom's sake, in fact the opposite: complete slavery. It was always planned.

As regards the political parties, none of them are worth voting for, they all sing from the same songsheet at the end of the day and basically say what they think we want to hear. None of them would make any difference, the average human will still be living a shite life - although some are conditioned to think otherwise.

You are aware of the implications of a hung parliament with regard to the monarchy:


As regards Scottish independence, the situation will still be the same, because the real powers are not changing. Personally, I believe that they want Scotland indpendent in order that Prince William can be crowned here, on the Stone of Destiny, before his eventual world crown status. I could elaborate on this further, but maybe start looking at freemasonry, it's roots, and it's impact on the construction of today's Western world would be helpful, bearing in mind ritual.


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