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Lord Pearson, friend of the Pentagon and Israel.

The UK has a political party called the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP)

Is UKIP "a US backed Zionist front group"? ( UKIP Supported By Zionist Porn Baron)

In 2007, UKIP's leader Lord Pearson said (HERE): "My mother did her best to claim that we had Jewish blood, because her father's surname was Moysey...

"I have long regarded the Jewish people as quite simply the most cultured and civilized race on this earth."

In 2010, UKIP's leader Lord Pearson said: "Most of the terrorism on the planet today is a problem coming from within Islam..." (Lunch with the FT: Lord Pearson.)

Pearson recently invited his friend Dutch politician Geert Wilders to the UK Parliament to show his anti-Islamic film.

Wilders has Jewish Indonesian roots.

Abu Qatada worked for MI5

The Pentagon's Operation Northwoods was a plan whereby the Pentagon would carry out acts of terrorism, and blame it on Cubans.

The Pentagon and NATO carried out acts of terrorism in Europe, at the time of Operation Gladio, and blamed the terrorism on Leftists.

The Pentagon has set up and armed Moslem 'terrorist' groups worldwide, starting with Zbigniew Brezinski's aid to the Afghanistan Mujahideen.

Lord Pearson does not mention false flag terrorism or CIA links to Moslem extremists.

Nor does he mention how a succession of Jewish foreign secretaries allowed into the UK a large number of Moslem immigrants.

uk independence party

Roger Knapman is a former leader of the UK Independence Party.

He spoke out against the argument that the Israeli attacks on Hezbollah were disproportionate. ( 7 - 8 - 2006)

"We all want peace in the Middle East," declared Mr Knapman. "However, we mustn't think in terms of Israel taking on the Lebanon, but of Israel taking on a terrorist group whose aim is to destroy them..."

"Let us not forget that Hezbollah are firing Iranian missiles at Israeli civilians and that Iran's conservative president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said that Israel must be 'wiped off the map'.

" The three political parties have all stated that they think the attacks by Israel are disproportionate in terms of the initial offence, which was the capture and imprisonment of Israeli soldiers.

"What is disproportionate" continued Mr Knapman, "is the criticism of the Israel counter attack. As stated in the United Nations Charter, nothing impairs the inherent right of a nation state to defend themselves if an armed attack occurs.

"What could be more threatening to a country than its neighbours publicly announcing they want that country destroyed?" he added.


UKIP Leading Figures and Personalities

Michael Maclaire-Hiller is treasurer of UKIP Friends of Israel

Vladimir Bukovsky is a UKIP Patron

Mike Zuckerman is on the UKIP NEC, London

Richard Suchorzewski was a candidate for the party leadership


Anonymous said...

yes, just more usual suspects control of anything that remotely resembles a politcal force

they take control at the head of any such bodies, and it's good to see it clearly shown as you do here.

many of us know these facts instinctively, but it's crucial to back them up

we've all seen the EDL israeli flag, and their cattle like concern with muslims

Tony Ryals said...

Just thought I'd say whover you are aangirfan - male,female,black,white or blue or anything else - it is obvious you are a sensitive and in fact brilliant being.(Hard to believe you're not a whole gang.)In fact you are so prolific I can't keep up but get the drift nonetheless,(which is where the wind is blowing at the moment.)

I have read some of FactsNotFairies and he or they have reposted at least one of my posts re 9/11.
However all I can say is that he or she or they at factsnotfairies have and are totally missing out if they aren't reading your blog - even though I'm not sure who could read as fast as you pump it out.All I can say is keep it up even though I can hardly keep up.
Still I believe Gadaffi is dead just like Saddam and both were visciously,cruelly and sadistically murdered in great part to keep them quiet about how much they knew about our 'leaders'.
Also I believe the the Rothschild crime family is bigger financially and politically then you one speculated and they are still big in oil anfd gold.And they or someone who works for them has an affinity for the name Agora that includes my enemies at CIA and Lord William Rees-Mogg connected Agora Inc of Baltimore such as James Dale Davidson,Bill Bonner,Porter Stansberry and even Alex Jones,Ron Paul,Strve Forbes and many oithers more peripherilly.

Anon said...

Dear Tony,

Very many thanks for your kind words.

Much appreciated!

- Aangirfan

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