Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Gordon Brown

Who are the powers-that-be going to support in the coming UK general election?

In the UK, the Sun newspaper supports David Cameron's Conservative Party.

David Cameron has declared himself a Zionist.

The Sun's YouGov survey on 2 March 2010 puts the Conservatives on 39 per cent, Labour on 32 per cent. (Tories' lead is seven points)

The 'YouGov/Sunday Times' poll of 26 February 2010 gave the Conservatives only a 2 point lead over Gordon Brown's Labour. (UK Polling Report Polling Average)

Brown is a true friend of Israel.

'CIA asset' Karadzic has revived the allegations of a deal between himself and the chief US peace negotiator in Bosnia, Richard Holbrooke.

The party that the powers-that-be want to defeat is the Scottish National Party which opposed the wars in Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The SNP is almost unique among parties in the western world in being critical of Israel.

The Scottish National Party has called for the suspension of EU-Israel agreements S
NP - Scottish ...

Massacre of Palestinians

Meanwhile, in the USA (Another Orwellian Nightmare: Proclaiming Justice to the Nations):

"Michele (America 'cursed' by God 'if we reject Israel') Bachmann, congresswoman from MN, brings her crack pipe tour for Israel to Nashville on Sunday at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention.

"She will be the keynote speaker at the International Christian Prayer and Action Dinner for Israel sponsored by Proclaiming Justice to the Nations.

"President and founder of PJN is Laurie Cardoza-Moore, a native Nashvillian, Israel first propagandist who delights and profits from encouraging Christians to send their children to die in the wars for the criminal racist illegal state of Israel.

"Some of her anti-American, anti-Christian words are as follows:

"With the growing threat of worldwide anti-Semitism, it is time for Christian's to take a stand.

"Never again, can we allow our Jewish brethren to stand alone. Never again, should they have to defend their right to exist in the land of their inheritanceIsrael has historical, political, archaeological, and Biblical rights to its land.

"Israel and our Jewish brethren are fighting a war for Israel’s very survival. Now, more than ever, Christians must unite to take a stand for Zion’s sake!"

Another Orwellian Nightmare: Proclaiming Justice to the Nations


Anonymous said...

My Grandmother was born in Glasgow...I like to think the Celts kneel to no-one...Especially not to Zionists who would celebrate our demise. The Wallace would have words to say on these "Zionists" and they'd not be flattering.

Penny said...

You forgot Canada's Stephen Harper.

Canadian politicians get more free trips to Israel than anywhere else


Canadian parliamentarians accepted more free trips to Israel last year than any other country.

Israel outnumbered other destinations nearly two to one, with 74 sponsored trips, beating out Taiwan as the previous most popular country.

A report by Canada's ethics commissioner shows the Canada-Israel Committee paid more than 160,000 Canadian dollars to send 24 federal politicians on trips to Israel, often with their spouses.

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