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Each and every year, the Iraqi town of Fallujah has been having around 1,000 cases of birth defects.

That's one thousand per year, in a medium sized town.

(BBC News - Birth defects 'have risen since US Falluja operation')

The birth defects include a baby born with two heads and babies with multiple tumours. (Huge rise in birth defects in Falluja Guardian)

"Every doctor, and every parent I spoke to there, believed the problem was the highly sophisticated weapons the US troops used against Falluja six years ago." (Birth defects 'have risen since US Falluja operation')

The USA and its allies committed genocide amongst the children of Iraq. (Violations of Iraqi Children Rights Under the American Occupation )

One American atrocity against Iraqi children was the bombing of the Ameriyah Shelter in Baghdad on February 13, 1991 using the "Bunker Bombs". This resulted in the incineration of more than 300 children.

The USA was involved in the direct killing and abuse of children when American troop raided civilian areas in Fallujah, Haditha, Mahmodia, Telafer, Anbar, Mosul, and other Iraqi cities.

The Americans, in prisons like Abu Graib, raped, and tortured children.

The historian Andrew Roberts is quite right when he states in the Financial Times on 3 March 2010 that Israel is no more rogue than America

"Two articles in this newspaper last week, by Henry Siegman and David Gardner, have been violently critical of Israel...

"Mr Siegman wrote of how “Israel’s colonial ambitions” and “checkpoints, barbed wire and separation walls” were “turning Israel from a democracy into an apartheid state”, thereby creating a “looming global threat to the country’s legitimacy”.

"Two days later Mr Gardner wrote of how Israel’s “militarist extroversion” over the Dubai murder demonstrated an “Israeli preference for instantly satisfying executive solutions to complex political and geopolitical problems” which would “widen the international battle-space for tit-for-tat attacks” and “encourage the perception that [Israel] is a rogue state”."

Andrew Roberts, Bush, the security services and oil


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