Sunday, March 21, 2010


The Jersey Attorney General, William Bailhache ( AG defends rape case bail decision)

In 2006, the police on the island of Jersey (UK) began investigating abuse claims at children's institutions and in private homes dating from the early 1960s to the 1980s.

Graham Power was the police chief in charge of investigaing child abuse on the island of Jersey.

He was suspended from duty in November 2008.

On 11 March, it was reported that a Jersey abuse review has said that Graham Power did a correct job

A review by the Association of Chief Police Officers suggests Power handled his role in the investigation correctly.

The 2008 report has recently been made public on an internet blog.

It suggested Graham Power should keep a "safety zone" between politicians and police work, which it said he did.

Power was suspended by the Jersey authorities over the way he handled the inquiry.

According to The Times, 14 August 2008, the Jersey child abuse case appears to be being hampered by certain important people. (Jersey detective’s fury as release of abuse suspects 'scares off 'witnesses.)

Former policeman Lenny Harper claims that the island’s Attorney-General, William Bailhache, and his office are held in 'total contempt' by victims of child abuse after repeatedly failing to bring offenders to justice.

Mr Harper’s memo claims suspects are being freed without charge on apparently spurious grounds.


Marycatherine Barton said...

Based on my research, Bailhache should be held in total contempt, by all decent people. Thank you for this fine report.

Ian Leslie said...

You want to try living here, the corruption is unbelievable! Check this out, with kind permission from aangirfan.

This plot loss is witnessed at 1 hour 48 mins into the debacle, you can slide the counter along to get straight to it.

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