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Hotel Fontainebleau, Miami Beach. Photo by Jim Rees.

It was at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami that Mafia leader Momo Salvatore Giancana suggested that a Cuban should murder Castro.

Fontainebleau marketing director Paul Pebley has said that mob ties and CIA intrigue are part of the lively history of the hotel. (CIA Family Jewels)


Steven Purcell, reportedly, spent 31 December 2009, at Miami's five-star Fontainebleau hotel. (The strange and sudden fall of Labour's rising star)

The gay Steven Purcell was tipped as a future First Minister of Scotland.

On 6 March 2010, Purcell resigned as leader of Glasgow City Council rather suddenly and disappeared rather suddenly. Danus McKinlay, Purcell's teenage friend, died rather suddenly.

There have been reports of drug-taking and links with drugs gangsters.

On 14 March 2010, Scotland on Sunday reveals that that an 'arms-length council company' set up by Purcell 'lavished money on six-figure salaries for senior employees and on fundraising for Labour party coffers'. (Inquiry call over 'secrets' of Purcell)

Scotland on Sunday refers to Purcell's relationship with a network of councillors, businessmen and public sector bosses, with connections to the Labour party.

One of Purcell's initiatives is a council body called 'City Building'.

Its wage bill for senior employees doubled in just two years.

Reportedly, some of those who benefited were pals of Purcell.

City Building spent thousands of pounds on hospitality.

When Labour ran the Edinburgh government, the Justice Minister was Labour's Cathy Jamieson.

According to the Scotsman (

"Scotland's justice minister Cathy Jamieson strongly denied helping a relative evade the law.

"While the Labour MSP transferred £100 to the bank account of nephew Derek Hyslop - who was on the run from police at the time - in July 1999, she has stated that she had no idea he was wanted by police.

"Hyslop, a drug addict who had just killed a woman in a robbery in Derby, was later jailed for manslaughter. Jamieson said the money was meant for her nephew’s baby."

Allegedly, the Labour Party in parts of Scotland is linked to gangsterism.

According to (Gordon Brown, Steven Purcell, & Glasgow Politics.):

"Irene Adams (Labour) MP for Paisley North piped up that her constituency committee had been infiltrated by drug dealers and gangster.

"She went on the record to name drug dealer and enforcer Stewart Boyd as the source of death threats she received whilst campaigning against drug dealing.

"Boyd was killed in an inexplicable car accident on the Marbella coast road, so ferocious that it led police to believe that Semtex had been present in one of the cars.

"The first time that Southerners really registered the goings-on in Glasgow was when Mohammed Sarwar became the first Muslim MP in the UK, standing for Glasgow Govan.

"His election was quickly followed by allegations of vote rigging and bribes...

"He is not standing in the 2010 election, but guess what? – his son Anas has been nominated as the prospective parliamentary candidate.

"That is Anas, not Athif, his other son who has recently been convicted of £850,000 worth of money laundering….

"It was not only the drug mafia and the crime mafia that we were protected from news of but the gay mafia too.

"We were told that the suicide of Gordon McMaster MP was ‘not suspicious’ and may have been because he was suffering from Gulf War Syndrome."



RantinRab said...

It's mind boggling stuff. I was having a delve around the City Building story. There's that many connections my head was spinning.

I tried to write a blog post about it, but it's so complicated it didn't make sense.

Anonymous said...

Your blog has been exceptional lately, one of the best on the net especially for the scotland cronie gangster matrix.

Anonymous said...

This is not news to anyone who has been awake in Glasgow in the last 50 years.
One party dominance has bred utter corruption and dismally low aspirations unless someone else is paying.

news games said...

You must recognize that they had very good taste in choosing a place ;))

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