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Tokyo prostitutes

The sex industry has become important to governments because it makes money.

In 2008, it was reported that, in Australia, "the vice industry is growing at a rate of about 8 per cent a year: the country spent $11.3bn on prostitution and strippers last year." (The facts of life.)

"In 1998, US$1billion was spent online on 'adult content,' 69 percent of the total Internet content sales." (The Internet and Sex Industries: Partners.)

According to Richard Poulin, sociologue , the sex industry has "come to occupy a strategic and central position in the development of international capitalism." ( - Globalization and the Sex Trade.)

The Pentagon placed soldiers in Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines and this led to a massive expansion of the sex industry.

Richard Poulin writes that in Thailand, the money made from trafficking each year "represents a value equal to around 60 per cent of the government budget."

The USA gets kids from Mexico.

In Mexico, "Maria ... said the gang... dealt in children and told of one occasion when the gang was contacted by a woman in New York.

"She said she needed a seven year-old girl and a nine year-old boy... I saw the Americans taking kids... They took them to New York." (Mexican woman tells of ordeal with cross-border child traffickers)k

Familiares de mujeres asesinadas en Ciudad Juárez se manifiestan frente a la Fiscalía Mixta para la Atención de Delitos contra Mujeres. Author Iose

On 4 March 2010 wrote bring out your dead

Among the points made:

1. In Mexico, in Cuidad Juarez: "thousands of women have disappeared from the town, and hundreds of bodies bearing signs of rape and sexual mutilation were dumped on waste ground in the city. Thousands more have never returned."

"Maria ... said the gang held young women in a house on the Mexican border until they were sold to the US as sex slaves." (Mexican woman tells of ordeal with cross-border child traffickers)k

2. In Canada's British Colombia, there is reported to be a group which kidnaps, tortures and murders large numbers of children.

Allegedly, Vancouver police and RCMP officers are involved in making 'snuff' movies.

Top people are said to be involved.

Witnesses claim that corrupt government officials operate a mass grave and body dumping site.

3. In Albania, former KLA fighters reported that Serbs were kidnapped and taken onto ships, where Western doctors harvested their organs and murdered them.

4. In Palestine, the Israelis have used several techniques to hide the evidence of their organ stealing.

5. Sri Lankan youths have been murdered and their organs stolen (source): wrote protect and serve

Raul Gonzalez, a former informant for US investigators, said he was aware that human-trafficking worked in concert with drug-trafficking.

He said: "Small airplanes carrying drugs and children landed on clandestine air strips in the Valle de Juarez, (a community east of the Juarez city limits).

"We were told back then that the children were sold to people in the United States."

"A mother we interviewed for one of our cases said a US politician was present at one of the sex parties where underage girls were sexually exploited.

"I have to leave some of the details out because this kind of information can get you killed.

"Besides, we know the authorities are not going to do anything, especially when important people are implicated," the advocate said.

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Anonymous said...

the usa and cananda have kidnapped children for one hunderd years and sent them to bording schools. these hell holes were oprated mostly by churches. children were rentedout as sex slaves, farm hands and lab rats.and unwilling organ donors when the organ thing was being experimented. all with the knowlage and aproval of the goverments.
california passed a law makeing it leagal for indian children to be stollen from their parents and used as slaves worked and abused to death was their pay.
this has been a practice of the american goverment from day one and before there was a usa . so why the shock this is what your white ansestors were to begin with. you people screame when other countries do such crulty to their children and women. but you do not give a dam about the children and women of the people who's land and home country your ansestors stole by genocide.
what you condem is what you all are. the fruit dose not fall far from the tree.

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