Sunday, March 21, 2010


Republicans and Democrats are the same. Labour and Conservative are the same.

Obama was meant to come to power.

According to Dr James Manning, Obama enrolled at Occidental College in Los Angeles, California in 1979 and was recruited there in 1980 by the CIA. (Barack Obama, former CIA agent )

According to Manning, Obama worked for the CIA in Pakistan.

Alex Salmond was probably not meant to come to power in Scotland.

Did something go wrong with the vote rigging?

Alex Salmond's moderate Scottish National Party opposed the wars in Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Tony Blair was meant to come to power.

"Tony Blair has trousered millions of pounds in contracts at least partly as a consequence of the illegal war he prosecuted on our behalf against Iraq." (your church)

Video from the BBC - the voice of MI6

Scotland has a parliament and a government with rather limited powers.

The Scottish government is run by Alex Salmond of the Scottish National Party (SNP).

Alex Salmond is opposed by the media and the powers that be.

No doubt the SNP will have been infiltrated by the spooks.

Alex Salmond has warned that cuts are coming

Salmond has spoken of the two big political parties in the UK, Labour and Conservative, as the "Tweedledum and Tweedledee" of politics.

Salmond has said that Labour and Conservative will bring in cuts, but they will not be the right cuts.

Salmond says that the UK (London) government should save money by closing down the ID card scheme and the Trident nuclear missile programme.

Salmond's government has made cuts.

It has frozen the pay of senior civil servants and government ministers.

It has reduced the number of Scottish government bodies (quangos) and halved the Scottish government spending on advertising.

Referring to the Labour Party's Steven Purcell, Salmond said "If there is ever a party that needs shaking to its core, it is the Labour Party in the city of Glasgow."

To deal with crime in Scotland, Salmond's SNP has fulfilled its pledge to put 1000 more police on Scottish streets.

Alex Salmond predicts that Scotland will become the "Saudi Arabia" of marine energy.

Scotland rules the waves. It leads world in harvesting wave power

World first wave and tidal energy projects for Scotland



Anonymous said...

we'll know for sure what his place is if he suffers an ccident or a career ruining scandal in the near future

stay off those hill walking holidays alex

Penny said...

If this fella is non-affiliated with the Ptb's which would be fantastic to have a real, a seriously real leader somewhere in the world.

He had better watch out!

Sheila said...

Agree that SNP election victory was not meant to happen.

However, for whatever reason(s), the Scottish Government are enthusiastically implementing the previous New Labour administration's "surveillance in the guise of child protection" agenda via the Getting it right for every child /eCare agenda.

The Scottish system has been carefully and deliberately spun as being less intrusive than its English Every Child Matters counterpart.

Even a little research shows this to be absolute nonsense but the politicians, professionals and certain campaigning groups have swallowed this hook, line and sinker.

Prime example of spin here:

Further info and background here:

Discussion of privacy panel...

Sheila said...

It would seem that England have woken up to the threat from the Scottish eCare/Girfec agenda:

"It seems that this parallels the Poll tax.

If something really smells, send it North for a trial. eCare is an EU programme Sheila, it appears, being test run on Scotland.

The Scots rebelled over the Poll Tax, why not eCare? Or don't Scots care about losing all their privacy and freedom?

Isn't it time for the clans to gather once more, and drive out the invading foreigner, determined to bring Scotland under the heel."

Wake up Scotland!

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