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I opened my copy of the UK's Sunday Times magazine and found that the first 3 stories were about people who were Jewish.

I wonder if newspaper readers get tired of reading continually about Jewish politicians, Jewish sportsmen, Jewish film stars, Jewish authors, Jewish musicians, Jewish artists and so on.

Would it help newspapers like USA Today or The Guardian if they became a little bit less Jewish?

The Japanese Yomiuri Shimbun has a circulation of 14 million.

The Times of India, the largest circulated English-language daily newspaper in the world, sells 13 million copies per day.

In 2009, USA Today's circulation slipped to 1.9 million.

The UK's Guardian sells just under 300,000

The Wall Street Journal's circulation averages 2 million.

The New York Times circulation is around 920,000.

The Washington Post sells around 580,000 copies per day.

U.S. Newspaper Circulation Falls More Than 10% -

In the UK the Daily Mail sells over 2 million copies per day.






gyg3s said...

Curious comment made by Dennis Rancourt at the academic freedom conference in New York.

In the third part of the lecture he says that he thinks he was forced out by the Jewish lobby. Very odd comment to make but he is an extremely reputable chap.

See the third of his lecture. (But the whole of the lecture is worth seeing).

Franz said...

FYI --

The Wall Street Journal circulation number should be lowered by a factor of 10.

This splendid librarian once led me though the jungle of American circulation figures and explained to me how some of the figures are, at best, misleading.

In the case of WSJ, the circulation figures are pumped up with "institutional copies", that is, the issue of the paper you might see in the waiting room of a stock broker's office. I was stunned to discover that institutions that ONCE had copies sent, but no longer physically exist, are counted. There are 50,000 business failures in the US every year, the number of ghost institutions getting copies was commented on when Reagan was president. Now? Smart money says WSJ's circulation is probably half that of the Washington Post.

It is also true with another CIA publication, The Reader's Digest a "magazine" so loathed in this country no one would be caught dead buying it. Officially, however, RD has a quite impressive circulation.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Let us just pray that Congress and the president do not get away with bailing these losers out.

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