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Igor Gouzenko.

In 1945, Igor Gouzenko defected from the KGB, walked into an Ottawa newsroom and announced that he had details of Soviet spy rings operating in Canada and in the UK.

Gouzenko's case was passed on to MI6's Kim Philby who was secretly on the side of Russia and Israel.

Russia and Israel shared intelligence.

Philby suggested Gouzenko should be interviewed by Roger Hollis of MI5, who was allegedly a Soviet agent.

According to The Times, 9 March 2010, Serge Serykh claimed to have been a member of the Russia secret service. (Suicide refugee, Serge Serykh, 'was member of Russia secret service' )

Serge Serykh also claimed that he had uncovered a plot by the Canadian Government to assassinate the Queen.

Serge Serykh, along with his wife and stepson, were living on the 15th floor of a tower block in Glasgow.

On 7 March 2010, all three were found dead, roped together, at the foot of the tower block.

Serge Serykh had been given refugee status in Canada in 2000.

Reportedly he had offered his skills as an alleged former member of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) to the Canadian Government.

He claimed he had evidence of a foreign spy network across Canada.

In 2007 Canada rejected his application for citizenship.

He accused the Canadian authorities of having used mind-altering psychotronic techniques against him.

He left Canada in late 2007 and eventually ended up in the UK where he applied for asylum.

He moved to Glasgow in autumn 2009.

His case for asylum in the UK was based on his belief that because of an alleged deal between Stephen Harper, the Canadian Prime Minister, and former President Putin of Russia, he would be killed by Canadian security agents if he was returned to Canada.

In 2009, the UK authorities rejected Serykh's application for asylum, on the ground that he still had refugee status in Canada.



Anonymous said...

I knew there was more to this 'story' than was reported in the mainstream media. The general public do not care about asylum seekers and are whipped up into a frenzy of hatred by certain mainstream media outlets.

May they rest in peace and justice be gotten for the unlawful taking of their lives.

Anonymous said...

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