Thursday, March 18, 2010


On 18 March 2010, it was reported that the American, David Headley, who reportedly works for the US security services, has cut a deal with the US, and India is helpless

David Headley was detained in the USA when it became clear to the Indian authorities that Headley was one of the chief planners of the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

The suspicion has been that the USA is trying to protect one of its agents.

On 18 March 2010, US Ambassador Timothy Roemer met India's Home Minister.

Hours later, "a Chicago court will see David Coleman Headley plead guilty".

This should allow Headley to be given a light sentence.

It looks as though American intelligence officials are protecting Headley.

On 28 December 2009, it was reported that 'Extraditing Headley to India would expose the CIA'

The US authorities are refusing to let the Indian authorities meet David Headley.

Security experts say USA fears Headley's "links with their intelligence may be exposed if he is handed over to India."

Indian security experts say the FBI's refusal to extradite David Coleman Headley confirms their long-held suspicion that the suspected 26/11 plotter is a former CIA agent.

Prakash Singh, former Border Security Force chief, said, "It is well-known that Headley was a CIA agent who later started working for the ISI and some militant outfits in Pakistan...

"We have allowed the FBI to interrogate people in India and they should allow us to do the same on their soil. But who will tell politicians, who have made it a habit to cry out to the US for help?"

A former state Director General of Police said he agreed that the Americans were not extraditing Headley as they feared being exposed.

"The US supports terror-promoting nations to further their selfish ends and then these nations go against them. This is what happened in Afghanistan as well."


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