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Staunch anti-gay GOP state senator Roy Ashburn has admitted he's homosexual

On 6 March 2010, The Mail asks: "So who were the two Tory ministers who had gay flings with Christopher Hitchens?."

Reportedly, the writer Christopher Hitchens, while at Oxford University, had gay relations with two people who later became ministers in Margaret Thatcher's government.

William Waldegrave, Gyles Brandreth and David Heathcoat-Amory were at Oxford at the same time as Hitchens.

Right-winger John Redwood was at Oxford at the same time as Hitchens.

However, one friend said: 'Can you imagine Redwood and Hitchens joining up over anything?'

At Oxford, Hitchens was a "rabid Trotskyist".

Bill Clinton was at Oxford, and Hitchens suggests that Clinton may have tipped off CIA agents about planned anti-war protests. (Christopher Hitchens' gay fling with Tories - Times Online)

Stephen Milligan

Other students at Oxford in those days were the future head of MI6 John Scarlett and Stephen Milligan, who became an MP in 1992.

In 1994, Milligan died in mysterious circumstances.

It was alleged by Scallywag magazine (Stephen Milligan MP & Justin Fashanu Murders.) that Stephen Milligan was approached by the security services.

The security services wanted Milligan, a part time journalist, to persuade a well-known footballer not to sell his story of gay sex sessions with two then serving cabinet ministers.

The introduction of the footballer to the cabinet ministers was allegedly arranged by someone who had very close links with an extremely powerful paedophile ring.

Stephen Milligan died, having apparently hanged himself.

He was found with a satsuma in his mouth.


According to T. Stokes, (Parapyrogenisis - A tale of black magic and perversion at the top of society.) Winston Churchill attended black magic type meetings.

The Fred West murders were believed to be linked to black magic, incest and paedophile parties attended by top people.

Frank Beck exposed Paedophile rings.

(In 1991, Frank Beck reportedly accused Greville Janner, Britain's foremost Zionist, of paedophilic behaviour with a teenager.

Frank Beck was arrested and charged with the sexual and physical abuse of children in his care over a thirteen-year period.

At his trial Beck reportedly stated that: "One child has been buggered and abused for two solid years by Greville Janner." - Cached / Cached)

Reportedly Sir Anthony Blunt, who was a Soviet spy, shared boys with the head of MI5 Maurice Oldfield, several bishops, and an archbishop.

In the book 'The Fifth Man', by Roland Perry (Pan Books London 1994) we learn that Victor Rothschild, reportedly, was the person who introduced Burgess and Blunt to important figures in Intelligence.

Reportedly, Anthony Blunt claimed Nazi party funding came from the same Jewish banks that supported the allies. (Cached)


In an article in the Guardian Unlimited on April 14, 2002, Hitchens says he could be considered Jewish. His maternal grandmother's surname was Levin, whose ancestors were Blumenthals from Poland.

In 1973, Hitchens' mother committed suicide in Athens in a suicide pact with her lover. Hitchens stated his belief that his mother was pressured into taking her own life under the fear of his father discovering her infidelity. (Christopher Hitchens - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

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