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Karl Rove's adoptive father, Louis Rove, turned out to be gay. (James Moore: The Closets of Karl and Ken)

In 1969, when Karl was 19, Louis walked out and got a divorce. (Karl Rove - encyclopedia )

At the same time, his mother, Reba Louise (née Wood), decided to walk out and move home.

Karl found an unheated attic to live in.

Karl then discovered that his father, Louis, was not his real father.

In 1981, when Karl was 30, his mother "gassed herself in her pickup truck", in Reno, Nevada.

She left a note saying that she was 'very tired, deep-inside tired' after the failure of her third marriage.

Paul Bonacci

Karl Rove was born in Denver, Colorado, and later raised in Sparks, Nevada, and then Salt Lake City.

Child abuse victim Paul Bonacci mentions a CIA 'Monarch' brainwashing individual called Mark Johnson of Denver, Colorado. (The Frankin Scandal: Pedophile Ring for the Rich and Powerful ...)

Paul Bonacci has said that kidnapped children were taken to an airfield near Las Vegas in Nevada and auctioned off. (Paul Bonacci:"Mind Control Victim Awarded $1 Million")

Allegedly a Hospital, in Salt Lake City, has been used for the MKULTRA (CIA brainwashing) programming. (Some Major Mind-Control Programming Sites)

Karl's biological father left the family when Karl and his older brother were very young children.

In 1971 Rove dropped out of college and became the executive director of the College Republican National Committee.

He was very active in the presidential campaign of Richard Nixon.

Karl Rove has been a key person in the recent Republican revival.

Karl Rove is back to haunt Barack Obama according to the UK Sunday Times. O

Reportedly this shows 12-year-old Johnny Gosch with his mouth gagged and his hands and feet tied. The boy is wearing the same sweatpants Johnny was wearing when he disappeared while delivering newspapers on the morning of Sept. 5, 1982

Karl Rove, reportedly, has been a good friend of Jeff Gannon. (Rove-Gannon Connection? - CBS News)

It has been speculated that Jeff Gannon is Johnny Gosch, who as child was reportedly kidnapped and brainwashed by the US military. (Johnny Gosch, Jeff Gannon, Hunter Thompson.)

Gannon 'has a spot on his right cheek in the same place as Johnny'.

Reportedly, Rove is good at dirty tricks.

His political enemies get hit by "rumours about illegitimate children, affairs or sexual preferences." (Karl Rove is back to haunt Barack Obama - Times Online)

Rove says of Saddam: "Imagine the world today if we hadn't taken him on."

Rove fails to remind us that Saddam offered to leave Iraq to avoid a war.

According to an article entitled "Karl Rove's "good friend" 'Jeff Gannon'":

"A large number of powerful and wealthy Republicans are gay and do not want their wives and children to discover that they put on leather underwear and spend their spare time at the Eagle over on New York Avenue or getting rough trade action at the Crew Club...

"Karl Rove was seen by one of my people entering a private homosexual orgy at a five-star Washington hotel over the Mid-Atlantic Leather (MAL) weekend last year. All the self-hating loyal Republican gays at the no-pants party, many of them Senatorial aides and military types, of course pretended they didn't recognize him..."

Paul Bonacci

The Washington Post and the New York Times referred to a child prostitution ring, run by Larry King, that abused a boy called Paul Bonacci. (Franklin Credit Union Child-Sex Scandal / George Bush, The CIA, Mind Control & Child Abuse)

Omaha's top daily newspaper reported, "One child ... is said to believe she saw George Bush at one of King's parties." (Franklin Credit Union Child-Sex Scandal)

Reportedly, Paul Bonacci, as a child, was a victim of the US military.

Paul Bonacci claimed the sex ring was based at Offutt U.S. Air Force Base near Omaha.

On 19 February 1999, Judge Warren Urbom awarded Paul Bonacci $1 million for child abuse on regarding his lawsuit involving Republican party operative Larry King.

Paul Bonacci testified (California 9/11 Truth - Mind Wars):

"In or on July 26th I went to Sacramento, Ca. King flew me out on a private plane from Eppley Airfield (in Omaha) to Denver where we picked up Nicholas, a boy who was about 12 or 13.

"Then we flew to Las Vegas to a desert strip and drove in to Las Vegas and to some ranch and got something. Then flew on to Sacramento.

"We were picked up by a white limo and taken to a hotel. I don't remember the name of it.

"We meaning Nicholas and I were driven to a area that had big trees, it took about an hour to get there.

"There was a cage with a boy in it who was not wearing anything. Nicholas and I were given these Tarzan things to put around us and stuff.

"They told me to f--- the boy and stuff.

"At first I said no and they held a gun to my balls and said do it or else lose them or something like that.

"I began doing it to the boy and stuff.

"And Nicholas had anal sex and stuff with him. We were told to f--- him and stuff and beat on him.

"I didn't try to hurt him. We were told to put our d---s in his mouth and stuff and sit on the boys penis and stuff and they filmed it.

"We did this stuff to the boy for about 30 minutes or an hour when a man came in and kicked us and stuff in the balls and picked us up and threw us.

"He grabbed the boy and started f---ing him and stuff. The man was about 10 inches long and the boy screamed and stuff and the man was forcing his d--- into the boy all the way.

"The boy was bleeding from his rectum and the men tossed him and me and stuff and put the boy right next to me and grabbed a gun and blew the boys head off.

"The boys blood was all over me and I started yelling and crying. The men grabbed Nicholas and I and forced us to lie down.

"They put the boy on top of Nicholas who was crying and they were putting Nicholas hands on the boys ass. They put the boy on top of me and did the same thing.

"They then forced me to f--- the dead boy up his ass and also Nicholas they put a gun to our heads to make us do it.

"His blood was all over us. They made us kiss the boys lips and to eat him out. Then they made me do something I don't want to even write so I won't."



nobody said...

Jesus Christ.

At first I thought what could be worse than that? And then I got it.

You know, I thought I had a grasp on the perversity of the death cult and then you find out you had no idea.

Anon said...

The bad guys seem to be linked to the US military.

- Aangirfan

su said...

Fucking hell - end this madness now.

experimental madness said...

I think that Jason Evers is Johnny Gosch. Read here>

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