Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Hollie Greig's Story

"They have threatened, with the sack, the reporters investigating the Holly Greig case.

"No reports on child abuse are allowed out of BBC Scotland.

"All BBC reports on the subject i.e. Panorama for one have been pulled." (The BBC is brilliant at spending our money)

"Hollie’s original statement to Grampian police detailed how she and seven other young boys and girls were abused in what can only be described as an occult Satanic ritual." (Rusty's Skewed News Views: 'Men in Skirts' Paedo Ring Exposed)

The deeply upsetting story of Hollie Greig



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Anonymous said...

The real man behind the story of Hollie Greig is Stuart Usher - a former Tory aristocrat whose family lost their fortune and estate after fleeing from post-apartheid South Africa in the 1990s (the Ushers lost their Estate as a result of his two downs syndrome nephews, who were disqualified from inheriting the titles).

It was Usher and his friends who recruited Robert Green.

The thing is: Stuart Usher's once powerful and wealthy Scottish family had intimate links with the British fascist regimes of the 1930s and 1940s (his Uncle was a member of the famous 'Right Club'). The family knew the Mosleys and the Hess family (Rudolf Hess).

It's generally accepted that the family's far-right affiliations were responsible for their fall from favour.

Channel 4's Cutting Edge did a documentary on Sturt in 2001. 'The Fall of the House of Usher'.

more here:
Hollie Greig: Stuart Usher's family links to Scottish 'Nazi' Party

The interest of Greg Lance Watkins and all the other right-wing bloggers makes even more sense now.

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