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"Bullying at Columbine High was rampant."

At Columbine, parents and staff confirmed that bullying took place and that "the two boys who went on the rampage had been victims of 'excessive' bullying." (School shooting -bullies.)

If you want to brainwash children into becoming criminals, you torture them during the first three years of their life. (Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control by Ron Patton)

Some children are brainwashed by accident, due to having 'bad' parents.

A typical bad parent will be deliberately unemployed and will spend a lot of time with drink, drugs and violent films.

There may well be a link between bad governments and bad parents.

In the UK, The number of crimes being committed by children has risen 13 per cent since Labour took power in 1997. (Number of child criminals 'has jumped by 13% under Labour' )

In the USA, the percentage of kids reporting street gang presence at school nearly doubled between 1989 and 1995, increasing from 15.3% to 28.4%. (Bureau of Justice Statistics, U.S. Department of Justice - Cached)

On 27 March 2010, Alasdair Palmer, in the UK's Sunday Telegraph, wrote that The only way to stop youth crime is to help the parents

According to the research seen by Palmer, the first three years of a child's life are of key importance.

"The physical composition of our brains is fundamentally affected by what happens in the first three years of life."

If parents abuse or neglect a child in the first three years, the child's brain will develop in ways that will make it impossible to properly empathise with others, and to control outbursts of anger.

A think-tank called The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) believes that the only way to diminish youth crime is to concentrate on prevention.

We have to ensure that babies are properly looked after by their parents.

Dr Samantha Cullen of CSJ wants to ensure that mothers:

1. Play with their children in the first three years of their lives.

2. Empathise with them.

3. Make them feel safe.

Good parenting will produce brains with good 'physical architecture'.

The CSJ wants much greater use of health visitors.

We certainly need more 'child helpers'.

Lloyd de Mause

Lloyd de Mause in The Journal of Psychohistory, Winter 1998, refers to The History of Child Abuse. (The History of Child Abuse Lloyd deMause - The Journal of Psychohistory)

"We cannot be content to only continue to do endless repair work on damaged adults, with more jails and police and therapists and political movements.

"Our task now must be to create an entirely new profession of “child helpers” who can reach out to every new child born on earth and help its parents give it love and independence...

" The success of parenting centers such as the one pioneered in Boulder, Colorado, for instance, has been astonishing.

"Through parenting classes and home visiting by paraprofessionals, they have measurably reduced child abuse, as shown by careful followup studies and by reduced police reports and hospital entrance rates.

"All this has been accomplished with very small monetary outlays, since these parent outreach centers operate mainly with volunteer labor, while it has the potential to save trillions of dollars annually in the costs of social violence, police enforcement, jails and other consequences of the widespread child abuse of today.

"Such a parent support movement would resemble the universal education movement of over a century ago...

"Do we really want to have massive armies and jails and emotionally crippled adults forever?

"Must each generation continue to torture and neglect its children so they repeat the violence and economic exploitation of previous generations?

"Why not achieve meaningful political and social revolution by first achieving a parenting revolution?

"If war, social violence, class domination and economic destruction of wealth are really revenge rituals for childhood trauma, how else can we remove the source of these rituals? How else end child abuse and neglect? How else increase the real wealth of nations, our next generation? How else achieve a world of love and laughter of which we are truly capable?"

"I don't know if they have tigers in Bhutan, but they certainly have criminals. Well, they do now anyway - ever since Rupert Murdoch's Sky began broadcasting into every home that is. Suddenly their meagre police force no longer has time to assist grannies cross the street because they're too busy chasing all those people who've taken to robbery and murder...

"A world without fear, a global societal model based not on proscription of innumerable sins but rather redemption and a single aim of selflessness, is possible..." - Fear and Deterrence, and the Possibility of Redemption

When Jon Venables stayed with his father Neil, there were videos to watch, including Child's Play 3.

In Child's Play 3, the spirit of a serial killer enters a doll named Chucky.

Chucky kills people.

There is a struggle on a railway track.

In 1993, ten year-old Jon Venables grabbed a two year-old boy called James Bulger and tortured him and battered him to death.

James Bulger's mutilated body was found on a railway track.

Jon Venables accomplice was 10 year-old Robert Thompson.

Jon Venables spent 8 years in the care of the state and was then released.

Now, in March 2010, it is reported that Jon Venables has "committed a sickening sex crime." (The Sun)

Jon's father Neil separated from his wife Susan when Jon was four.

After his parents separated Jon began to have problems at school.

Jon's mother Susan Venables has been described as a loose woman whose neighbours "noted a procession of men friends for Mrs Venables". (Did bad parenting turn Thompson and Venables into killers? UK ...)

Reportedly, Susan was prone to hysterics.

"She came from a 'strict and disciplined' background, and had been observed physically and verbally assaulting Jon."

Jon had a terror of being rejected by his mother.

Jon was afraid of his mother. (Did bad parenting turn Thompson and Venables into killers? UK ...)

Back in 1991, when Jon was eight, his teacher reported that the quiet, timid boy would "rock back and forth in his chair, holding onto his desk, moaning and making odd noises." (Death of James Bulger)m

"He banged his head on the furniture... cut himself with scissors... tore down the displays and artwork of other students...

"He approached another classmate from behind and began choking the boy with a wooden ruler...

"No one thought of Jon as a 'bad' kid ... some teachers thought of him as a sweet child, and felt sympathy for him. They thought he was pleading for help."

James Bulger

Jon had a squint in his eye and other kids mocked him.

"Jon was an easy target for the other kids, and they teased him mercilessly, because he was so easily worked up by their provocations...

Jon met Robert Thompson, a manipulative kid who reportedly had psychopathic tendencies.

The two became bullies.

Reportedly, Robert Thompson's parents, Ann and Robert, were heavy drinkers and there was violence in the home. (Profiles: the Bulger killers, Jon Venables and Robert Thompson ) The family eventually split up.

Ann had got married to Robert in order "to escape the severe beatings from her father." (Death of James Bulger .com)

However, Ann's husband beat Ann in front of the boys.

And, Ann beat her sons with sticks and belts.

Young Robert was beaten by his older brothers.

After Jon had met Robert, "Jon disrupted the class...

"Robert was quiet, but seemed to be a shrewd liar, and able to manipulate other students."

When Jon confessed to killing James Bulger, he showed hostility toward his father, "particularly when the issue of sexual assault on James came up. (Death of James Bulger)m

"He walked over to his father and began punching him, crying 'me dad thinks I know and I don't.'"




aferrismoon said...

In Czech Rep. there is maternity leave for up to 4 years should the mother want it. Her job must be offered back to her after Maternity leave.
Also for each child a woman has the retirement age reduced by a year I think.

I have to say there's a great difference between the children here and in UK. They're on the tram or metro at 8 at night coming from music practice or something. They aren't ashamed to use their intelligence.
Also there's atradition of teaching them things instead of sticking them in front of the TV.

Of course there's abuse here but the children don't stab each other or old people.
They go out to the countryside more, problem for British children is that they have nowhere to go and nothing constructive to do [ generalisation]


sparklehorse said...

Kids like Venables will never be rehabilitaed. He, and his parents, make a good argumenbt in favour of post natal abortion.

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