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Neanderthal - Neanderthal news

Are we descended from different types of apes?

Did humans emerge not just in Africa but in other continents?

Wandering around Java I came across people who looked like Neanderthals.

Perhaps Neanderthals did not become extinct.

They may have intermarried with other human species.

On Java, I also came across some rather tiny people.

In 2003 archaeologists found the remains of tiny 'hobbits', who had lived on the Indonesian island of Flores 14,000 years ago.

Perhaps the hobbits are not extinct.


On 24 March 2010, we learn that Gene research published in the journal Nature has revealed a fourth human species.

The 4 are:

1. Neanderthals, who are supposed to have left Africa 400,000 years ago

2. The tiny 'hobbit' from Indonesia

3. Modern humans, who reportedly left Africa 50,000 years ago

("The 'all out of Africa' theory has been shown to be impossible by several DNA studies." - mathildasanthropologyblog/ )

4. The fourth species, which was around as recently as 40,000 years ago and lived in Russia in the centre of the Eurasian continent, where Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens were also present.

The DNA of the fourth species is human, but, very different from Homo Sapiens and Neanderthals.

The fourth species may have migrated out of Africa one million years ago.


On 20 March 2010, in a letter to the Financial Times, Robert Dick-Read pointed out that Indonesia has had a role in African history.

According to Dick-Read, not too long after the birth of Christ, Indonesians were visiting Africa.

The first inhabitants of Madagascar were Indonesians who arrived via the African mainland.

It is probable that the Zanj people of Zanzibar and Tanzania were Afro-Indonesians.

Indonesians may have rounded the Cape, and settled along parts of the west coast of Africa.

The evidence comes from things found in Africa which have Asian origins:

(1) plantains, yams, maize and other non-African plants.

(2) elephantiasis which had Asian origins.

(3) musical instruments such as the xylophone.

(4) crafts connected with glass-making.

(5) certain religious belief systems such as divination


aferrismoon said...

R.Buckminster-Fuller was in favour of life statrting inthe multi-islanded polynesia.

many islands may have had no predators.
The proximity of nearby islands encouraged them to use boats, finally learn to sail and with boatbuilding and sailing intelligence rises as one has to do mathematics, geometry, sta-reading etc etc , and make record of it.

These people[s] would then be in the right place to sail to Japan - Russia - along the American West Coast to South America


Out to India, up the BRahmaputra to the top of the himalayas

Or directly to Africa

Fuller implies that the islands being small forced migration

Large continents had eithe ample food supply, so people wouldn't move, and/or dangerous predators

If u look at a world population chart it should indicate that some 55% of the world's pop is China, SEAsia and Indonesia [ I don't think they emigrated from Africa.

He also states that the Punic - Phoenician - Venetian - Portuguese - Vikings are the same people

These Maritimers may 'rule the world' due to their advantages in technology and mathematics etc

The book's called CRITICAL PATH


Anon said...

Many thanks for all the info.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

Perhaps man did not descend from the ape at all but a distant earthling was upgraded by ones referred to as the Nefilim.

Frank Hatch said...

Invitation to Join an Upgraded Species:

This is an invitation to functional individuals of a corrupt species - i.e., the human species called, "Man." This invitation was originally offered by the first New Man or Son of Man, but it has since collected a swamp of clerical additions. However, after two thousand years, the invitation is still open. Indeed, in the moment before your death, the invitation will still be open to you.

Definitions for Functional and Non-Functional Individuals:

Best Regards,

Frank Hatch
Initial Mass Displacements

Anonymous said...

Sorry, you're not really getting the genetics here. We are not descended from 'apes' - us and the greater apes split way back from a primate that doesn't exist any more. We are cousins.

As for human species, there are loads of closely related branches, coming and going over millions of years. The most important thing to know is that all humans alive now, and the most recent extinct ones, are descended from a few thousand survivors - an evolutionary bottleneck. We are incredibly inbred. All the different skin colours and face shapes are relatively recent (hundreds of thousands of years rather than millions)... a result of our successful expansion pushing into difficult environments (which then shape us).

Dublinmick said...


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