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Mara Carfagna, Minister for Equal Opportunities.

Mara Carfagna has had a career as a nude model.

On 8 May 2008, Mara Carfagna was appointed Italy's Minister for Equal Opportunity. (Mara Carfagna)

On 28th March 2010, we learn more about Gloria De Piero.

Reportedly, in 1988, when she was aged 15, she posed for topless photos.

Later, she became a UK television presenter.

She was Tony Blair's 'favourite interviewer' on TV.

Now Gloria has become one of UK prime minister Gordon Brown's star political candidates.

(Brown star was a Page 3 girl aged 15: Yesterday she posed with PM.)

Gloria appeared alongside Gordon Brown when his Labour party recently launched its five Election pledges.

Gloria is the Labour candidate in Ashfield.

The previous candidate in Ashfield is the disgraced former Cabinet Minister Geoff Hoon. (Political lobbying The great stink )

Chris Bryant

Chris Bryant is the UK Minister of State for Europe and Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

As a student, Bryant was a Conservative.

Bryant trained for the priesthood in the Church of England.

Bryant and his male partner Jared Cranney were married in the first civil partnership ever held in the Houses of Parliament.

Bryant posed wearing only underpants on a gay dating site, whilst an MP. (Chris Bryant - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Meanwhile, the leader of the Conservative Party, David Cameron, recently faced criticism when blonde Liz Truss became the candidate for Norfolk South West.

Married Liz Truss had had an affair with married Conservative MP Mark Field.

In 2006, UK Conservative Party shadow minister Gregory Barker was at the centre of a scandal 'after leaving his wife and children for another man'.
(Tories rocked by sex scandal as MP leaves wife for man.)

Gregory Barker was said to have begun an affair with an interior designer who was working on the £1.5 million family home in Rye, East Sussex.

Barker is 'a close confidant of David Cameron and a former adviser to Roman Abramovich'.

Marina Pepper is a former topless model.

Marina became Liberal Democrat mayor of Telscombe in the UK.

When she became mayor, she described herself as a practising white witch.

Marina is former girlfriend of James Bond star Daniel Craig.

She has described seven-times-a-night sex sessions with Daniel Craig.

Some may remember that Liberal Democrats Home Affairs spokesman
Mark Oaten resigned in 2006 after it is revealed by the News of the World that he paid rentboys to perform sexual activities on him.

Original uploader was Gregorof at en.wikipedia

Derek Simpson is the boss of the UK's powerful Unite trade union.

Derek Simpson was spotted at a Bangkok bar where sex is sold for £40
(Union boss and a Bangkok go-go bar.)

He has admitted visiting the go-go bar while on official business in Thailand.

Anna Arrowsmith.

On 13 March 2010, the Sunday Times told us about the UK politician Anna Arrowsmith.

(Porn career? It won’t worry my colleagues. / Order, let the honourable mistress of porn speak )

When she was in her early twenties Anna Arrowsmith travelled to Israel, among other countries.

Anna Arrowsmith, 38, is the Liberal Democrat party candidate for Gravesham in Kent in the UK.

Anna Arrowsmith has made hundreds of hardcore porn films.

She is the managing director of Easy on the Eye Productions.

'Be My Toyboy' was 'shot in the front room'.

Other productions include "Eat Me - Keep Me", "Where's the Rent, Boys", "Their Pants Down!" and "The Scottish Gigolo".

Arrowsmith admired Margaret Thatcher.

Arrowsmith's father is the Thatcherite Sir
Clive Thompson who is married to Judith Howard.

Anna notes that the recent Members of Parliament expenses scandal began when a cabinet minister's household received some porn.

Jeffrey Epstein, a former board member of Rockefeller University, a member of the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations, a close friend of Ghislaine Maxwell who is the daughter of suspected Mossad agent Robert Maxwell.

In 2008, US financier Jeffrey Epstein pled guilty to soliciting underage girls for sex.

Epstein has been a friend of Prince Andrew and has stayed at Sandringham, the Queen's Norfolk home. He has been a guest at Windsor.
( )

He has been on holiday with Prince Andrew in Thailand. Andrew was photographed surrounded by topless women on a yacht.

Johanna Sjoberg, an 'all-American brunette' worked for Epstein.
( )

Johanna remembers attending an Epstein party in New York in 2001.

She recalls: "Prince Andrew was there and Ghislaine and a couple of other girls my age...

"Andrew ... I sat on his lap - and he put his hand on my breast...

"Ghislaine made a lot of sexual jokes...

"There were pictures of her and Jeffrey and the Pope, and her and Jeffrey and Castro, and her and Jeffrey and Clinton."

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