Friday, March 05, 2010


Ivan and his sister.

On 4 March 2010, we learn from TASS news agency that yet another adopted Russian boy has been beaten to death in the USA.

Seven-year-old Ivan Skorobogatov, adopted from Russia by an American family, was allegedly killed by his adoptive parents.

Ivan, who was 7 years old, is the 15th Russian child since 1996 to die in the US after being adopted.

In 2003, Ivan and his sister were adopted by Michael Craver and Nanette Craver and went to live in Carroll Township in Pennsylvania.

In the USA, Ivan was given a new name, Nathaniel Michael Craver.

Ivan died in hospital on 25 August 2009.

An autopsy revealed that Ivan had over 80 external injuries, 20 of which were to the head.

The Cravers.

The Cravers have been arrested, accused of first-degree murder.

The Investigative Committee of Russia's Prosecutor General Office has announced plans to examine the legality of Ivan's adoption.

Ivan, who was 7 years old, became the 15th Russian child since 1996 to die in the US after being adopted.

US Foster Parents Kill Another Russian Child - Pravda.Ru

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Anonymous said...

This is one of the most heartbreaking stories I have ever read. Most Americans are loving and decent people and yet for some reason, the criminals are evidently getting access to these beautiful children. While it appears there are quite a few pedopiles in government in the US along with many other dishonest and disgusting people - it would behoove the US to at least step in and control the idiots who are so reckless with such beautiful children. We have a responsibility to ensure these children are safe and loved. Why has our government not done this? Of course, it is too late now - Smart Putin put the kabosh on all adoptions in the US of Russian children. But this should not have happened - ever. I hope our government sent apologies and anything else to show remorse.

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