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Kate Middleton.

Sections of the 'Establishment' did not like Princess Diana.

She did not become Queen.

But Charles may be OK. ( - Charles embroiled in gay-sex scandal)

What might the 'Establishment' think of the idea of Prince William becoming King and Kate Middleton becoming Queen?

Kate Middleton is linked to Prince William. (Prince William lets slip he may not marry Kate Middleton for some time)(Prince Harry wins more gay hearts with six-pack)

Kate's mother was born Carole Goldsmith.

Carole's brother Gary Goldsmith was filmed giving hard drugs to an undercover reporter. (Middleton uncle drugs & vice.)

In Simone Simmons 'Diana: The Last Word', it is claimed that Diana was forced to carry out a paternity test on Prince William.(Cached)

On 12 March 2010, we learn that, according to leading UK lawyer Michael Mansfield, Princess Diana was 'killed after a plan to frighten her went wrong'.

Michael Mansfield represented Dodi's father Mohamed al Fayed at the 2007 inquest into Diana's death.

Al Fayed believed Diana was murdered in a conspiracy involving Tony Blair, MI5, MI6 and the British ambassador to France.

According to Michael Mansfield, Diana's 'killers' had no intention of killing her.

According to Mansfield, they simply wanted to scare her, so that she would drop Dodi and drop her criticism of UK arms sales.

In an interview with the Catalan daily El Periodico, on 12 March 2010, Mansfield said:

'I don't believe anyone wanted to see her dead.

'I think there was a plan to sabotage the relationship and alter her life, to try to stop her activities.

'But this plan went very badly and ended with her death.'

'I believe the relationship between Princess Diana and Dodi al Fayed displeased the authorities.

'In spite of all the work Mohamed al Fayed did for children and hospitals, he was persona non grata in Britain.

'As far as Diana was concerned, she had given interviews attacking the Royal Family for the way they treated her, but I think what most annoyed the authorities was that Diana became very actively involved in the campaign against land mines.

'The UK arms sales industry is huge, it's one of the biggest three in the world.

'The investigation into Diana's death showed she was preparing to denounce British complicity in the sale of weapons to countries that do not respect human rights.'

In memoirs published in 2009, Mansfield said: 'In the case of Diana and Dodi, I have always believed that whatever had caused the crash, it was not an accident.

'Diana's fears for her safety and her preoccupation with surveillance were thoroughly canvassed, and in my view were found to be entirely justified.

'Unfortunately her predictions came to pass.'

Photo: Bobak Photos "Diana intended to start a campaign in a Palestinian refugee camp in Gaza or the West Bank," - Nicholas Davies (national journal.)

There appear to be factions within the British elite.

One faction might be termed a Jewish faction.

On 31 January 2010, we learnt that, according to a new book by Anthony Julius, Princess Diana regretted marrying into a 'German family'

Julius's book, Trials of the Diaspora, is about the history of anti-Semitism in England.

Anthony Julius is Jewish, and it was Anthony Julius that Diana chose to be her divorce lawyer.

Julius was not a divorce specialist.

Julius writes of Diana: "She was interested in Jews ...

"She was happy to take Jews to be hostile to everything to which she herself was hostile.

"She once said to me that she should never have married into a German family...

"She gave the impression of living in a general condition of alienation, but that did not prevent her from operating successfully in many different milieux."

Queen Victoria's husband Prince Albert may have had a Jewish father. Albert's mother was dismissed from the court of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha for having an affair with the Jewish chamberlain, the Baron von Mayern. (British Royal Family's Irish and Jewish Links)

In The Sunday Times, 31 January 2010, Julius writes (The outsiders):

"When I acted for Diana, Princess of Wales I was exposed to a subtle form of anti-Semitism...

"Several newspapers and magazines published profiles of me, in the main composed of clich├ęs. As a Jew I was an 'outsider', not 'Establishment', and this confirmed Diana’s own 'outsider' status...

"There was nothing stealthy ... about the treatment I received in a pamphlet entitled 'Who are the Mindbenders? The people who rule Britain through control of the mass media'.

"It came out in 1997 ... The author was later revealed to be Nick Griffin...

"The pamphlet’s general argument is that British democracy is a sham because the media, which are controlled by the Jews, determine what the electorate thinks.

"The Jews pursue a specific programme. They denigrate British race pride and promote race intermarriage.

"They are protective of their own racial group and act in concert..."

Sir David Manning, second from the left.

On 17 January 2010, we learnt that Sir David Manning, at the suggestion of the Queen, has been appointed senior adviser to Prince William at the start of his first foreign tour, of New Zealand. (PRINCE WILLIAM'S JEWISH MENTOR, WHO HAS LINKS TO 9 11)

Sir David Manning is Jewish and is linked to 9 11 and the Iraq war.

On 9 11, Tony Blair's security boss, Sir David Manning, was flying over Staten Island.

He saw the smoke coming from the World Trade Center. (New Statesman - NS Profile - David Manning)

Frances Shand Kydd and Diana (

Lady Diana's mother was Frances Shand Kydd, who was born Frances Ruth Roche.

Reportedly, Frances had Jewish origins. (Davidic Ancestry of Prince William.)

Lady Diana's father may have been Jewish.

William, may have Jewish origins.

Mostaque Ali drew our attention to gossip about Lady Diana and Prince William.

On 7 September 2007, the Independent (Ireland) produced an article entitled: A Murky Question, by Declan Lynch

(The Mail also covered the story. Were Diana and Jemima sisters? Mail Online)

Acording to Declan Lynch:

Princess Diana's father was Sir James Goldsmith.

Sir James was the son of Frank Goldsmith, the descendant of a Jewish banking family from Frankfurt.

Sir James Goldsmith who has links to the Rothschilds (Cached). He multiplied his fortune as a brash corporate raider in the United States during the 1980s (Billionaire with a Cause ) "He inherited many of his traits from his father Frank Goldsmith, the descendant of a distinguished Jewish banking family from Frankfurt once as famous as the Rothschilds." (Obituary: Sir James Goldsmith - People, News - The Independent)

According to Declan Lynch:

The "Goldsmith" version "had been circulating in aristocratic circles for a long time."

Officially, Diana was the daughter of the Earl Spencer and Frances Shand Kydd.

Sources have long maintained that Goldsmith was conducting an affair with Frances around the time that Diana was conceived.

Nobody denies that the affair took place, "at a time when Frances was deeply unhappy in her marriage to the Earl, who was 'drinking heavily' and 'being beastly towards her'".

Tina Brown, author of The Diana Chronicle, suggests it was a long-running affair.

In Brown's version, there is strong support for the idea of Goldsmith being the father of Lady Diana, though she can't prove it.

Zak Goldsmith, son of Sir James Goldsmith.



Zak Goldsmith

Diana has a physical resemblance to Sir James' children, Jemima Khan (nee Goldsmith), Diana's best friend, and Zak Goldsmith.

Ben Goldsmith

Benjamin Goldsmith (born in 1980) married Kate Emma Rothschild (b. 1982), daughter of the late Amschel Rothschild

Diana was like her father in looks, "but also in her charisma, her sexual appetites, her madness, and her propensity for causing trouble."


Who might want to silence Diana?

Mary Queen of Scots lived at a time when there were different warring factions within the elite.

Mary married Lord Darnley.

He was found dead in a garden in Edinburgh.

Mary married the Earl of Bothwell, who was believed to have been the murderer of Darnley.

Mary was executed for allegedly trying to Murder Queen Elizabeth.

Times have not changed much?

Mary Queen of Scots

Diana could be said to have been within the Jewish faction of the elite.

But, after she met Dodi, she appeared to be mixing with a different faction of the elite.

Was someone upset?

Mohamed Fayed reportedly made his money after he married Samira Khashoggi, the sister of the international arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, who employed him in his import business in Saudi Arabia.

Reportedly, Khashoggi was implicated in the Iran-Contra Affair as a key middleman in the arms-for-hostages exchange along with Iranian arms dealer Manucher Ghorbanifar.

Allegedly, Khashoggi had links to the flight school where Mohamed Atta learnt to fly. (aangirfan: Diana, Palestinians, arms deals and 9 11. )

According to Alex Constantine (Alex Constantine's Anti-Fascist Research Bin: Adnan Khashoggi ...):

"Mohamed Al-Fayed is a former business partner of Cairo attorney El-Amir Atta, father of accused hijacker Mohamed el-Amir Awad el-Sayed Atta.

"Fayed was a veteran of the American Pinay Circle that recruited Adnan into its ranks.

"Back in 1953, GHW Bush, whose name would be linked to Khashoggi's in the Iran-contra affair, and Al Fayed were directors of the Singer Sewing Machine company."

On 12 August 2007, Ba Kiwanuka wrote: Princess Diana: Caught In A Web Of Spies!

According to this article:

1. Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed were under surveillance by MI6, the CIA, the USA's National Security Agency, Mossad and France's DGSE.

The NSA (National Security Agency) has over 1050 transcripts covering eavesdropped intercepts of Princess Diana's phone calls.

2. It is alleged that Mossad or MI6 were responsible for 'rigging up for a crash' the Mercedes Benz S280 that was involved in Diana's death.

3. It is alleged that the driver Henri Paul was an asset of the security services.

4. Mossad, and others, may have been concerned that Diana might marry Dodi Fayed, a Moslem.

5. If there was a murder plot, it would have required the cooperation of France's DGSE spy service.

A few minutes before the Diana crash all police channels in Paris went silent.

The ambulance taking Princess Diana to the hospital moved very slowly.

6. Princess Diana had campaigned to ban land mines.

Immediately following Diana's death, President Clinton broke his promise to support a bill to abolish the trade in land mines.

7. Allegedly a faction within MI6 was responsible for Diana's death.

aangirfan: Diana, Palestinians, arms deals and 9 11.

nona-people: The 'Jewish Conspiracy' in the UK

Trials of the Diaspora by Anthony Julius to be published by Oxford University Press.


james said...

Excellent piece, Aangirfan. A lot of info put together well.
It's no wonder this moneyed class are giddy, what with their 'revolving door' bedrooms.

The anti-land mine movement died with Diana. It seems to be, the only real threat to the violent elite is the peacemakers.

Newspaceman said...

With all due respect, commenter James is falling into the trap.

Diana life and death were for a purpose - nothing to do with landmines, but rather William and his forthcoming role as world king of the new global village.

Why do you think we never hear the end of Di - nor the comparisons between her and her eldest son.

You might find comparisons with Egyptian goddess worship.

cheers, brian

... said...

HI - the Newspaceman directed me to your blog! Wow - this is interesting stuff regarding Diana. I had no idea about the link with the Goldsmith line. I've been thinking about the recent photos of the Princes together in Africa, and how they don't have much of a resemblance to each other. I remember the rumours about Harry's 'real' father...BUt now I'm thinking he sort of has similar characteristcs with the Goldsmith son Zak - how weird is that?! Its interesting that they've talked about the Windsors as 'that German family' but surely, with the Duke's Greek heritage, Charles is classed as being more Greek than German, right? I know he spends his summers at the most prestigious and highly secretive Orthodox monostery in Greece.
I also remember finding a strange website a few years back - not sure if it still exists - there the author was convinced that Prince William is the coming Anti-christ...the author had a lot of information that he said 'proved it'!!! Funny connections!

dognamedblue said...

Annie Machon the MI5 whistle blower makes the point that Diana was also going to speak out about Palestine too, she concludes that the secret service had something to do with it

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