Wednesday, March 03, 2010

CIA, NATO and Mossad caught using 'Al Qaeda'; 'Pakistan rejoices'

Abdullah I of Jordan with his Habbani Jewish bodyguards. The Habbani Jews live in the Habban region eastern Yemen. Rumour has it that Osama bin Laden is Jewish.

Councillors in Carrickmacross, County Monaghan in Ireland, have removed the signature of the Israeli ambassador, Dr Zion Evrony, from its guestbook.

The Irish foreign minister Micheal Martin has condemned the town council's decision.(Carrickmacross council criticised for Israel protest )

Not so long ago, a group of fundamentalist Christians and Zionists held a protest at Leinster House in Dublin in support of the Israeli attack on Gaza. (Pro-Israel protest in Dublin - Indymedia Ireland)

The following video is about the Secret US-Saudi KLA AlQaeda Mujahadeen in Bosnia:


Ali.mostaque said...

Is Osama Bin Laden Jewish?

coletteonice said...

yes well.. carrickmacross, only 1 hours drive south of dublin and note the difference in the bullshit detector...must be in the water.

Andre Isakandar Mimiki said...

Any 23 man call Osama Bin Laden all dead in Pakistan and Afganistan-and all fabrication by MQM Pakistan party permit by Tony Blair England Prime minister-all be opinion in media 2010-2011,and make all EU politic inside trap of CIA WIKILEAKS-all is tool part from control hundret million(Shao Shia Jian=Regeneration War China metodic) and billion people(Globalitation=Asian Thought(CIA secret weapon/Brezinsky quotes =gotong royong(Soeharto Idea)/every body is brothers)and make berthal Russo Rocklefeller killed by CIA

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