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Who is Byron Prior?

In 2004, Byron Prior of Grand Bank, Newfoundland, Canada, related:

I am the oldest in a family of six girls and four boys.

From approximately the age of 4 until 17, I and my siblings were subjected to numerous physical and sexual assaults by several different persons.

"In 1966, T. Alexander Hickman, who became the Newfoundland Justice Minister, raped and impregnated my sister Susan Prior who was twelve years old at the time."


I have reported the acts of abuse to the authorities on a number of occasions.

In or about the year 1960 I reported the abuses to RCMP (Canadian police) Sergeant Sturge;

In or about the year 1962 I reported the abuses to RCMP office Gilbert White;

In or about the year 1962 I reported the abuses to RCMP officer Jerry Lahey;

In or about the year 1966 I reported the abuses to RCMP Cpl. Eaton;

In or about the year 1968 I reported the abuses to RCMP Cpl. Sparkes, who took my written statement;

In or about the years 1970-1972 I reported the abuses to RCMP officer Len Briand and Municipal Policeman Richard Foote;

On March 09, 1998, I reported the abuses at the RCMP Detachment in St. John’s, Newfoundland. On this occasion I spoke with several RCMP officers over a fifty two and a half hour period.

I have reported the abuse to Newfoundland Child Protection Agencies numerous times.

In the 1970’s my three sisters, Joan, Lucy, Donna and my brother Allan and my niece Betty Ann also made reports to the Grand Bank RCMP.

To this date, neither myself nor my siblings have received any assistance from the RCMP or any Newfoundland government agencies.

The authorities will not ask the people involved for DNA samples.

Reportedly, T. Alexander Hickman is a Freemason Grand Master.

Allegedly, Byron Prior's sister Susan, was repeatedly raped by Liberal MP Bill Matthews and his friends.

Reportedly, Byron Prior's mother was a prostitute.

According to Byron (Grand Bank A Town with a Secret The Byron Prior Story):

(A) I was beaten by my mother until I bled because I tried to stop her friends and family from molesting my younger sisters.

(B) Sent next door with my mother's gay boyfriend almost daily for money from age 5 to 14.

(C) Brought to her drunk girlfriend's summer cabin to be sexually abused for money.

(D) Had to clean the blood from my 4 year old sister after she was sexually molested by our grandfather and left on the kitchen floor in a pool of blood.

(E) Our mothers past customers are politically connected and run our legal system.

(F) Our mothers past customers are Grand Bank business men whose children are now politicians.

(G) One of our mother's family is a big wheel with organized crime all of his adult life and is a partner to politicians.

(H) Two of our mother's past customers are Salvation Army officers, who came by to help us but became customers as well.

According to Byron's Sister Donna

"There are many horrors that I can recall from childhood. Byron's too frequent trips to the woodshed next door; his having to sleep in the same bed as our Mother;

"his little hands, palms down, being held on the hot coal stove burner;

"the never ending beatings with belt buckles..."

Brother Allan remembers:

"Girls having to pull down their pants and pea in their underwear for our mothers long time friend, for money.

On April 3, 2000, the second in command of the R.C.M.P. for all of Canada, said (The Byron Prior Story) that organized crime totally controls Canadian businesses and affects every Canadians daily life, from video arcades to laundry mats.

On 25 February 2000 an RCMP officer said he was recommending the justice department should lay 35 charges against several people in the Byron Prior case.

This officer was then taken off the case and transferred to an other area.


aangirfan: Rapes and murders in Canadian boarding schools.


An organized system of exploitation of women and children appears to exist on Canada's west coast, according to sources.

This system is decades-old and has been supplied for many years with women and children from aboriginal (Indian) reserves and children's homes (residential schools).

This system is international.

Reportedly, Vancouver is one spoke in a wheel of pedophilia, sex slavery, human organ black markets, snuff films and violent child pornography that has outlets throughout the Pacific Rim world, particularly in China and Thailand.

CENSORED NEWS: Kevin Annett: Eye Witnesses of Murder and Torture.

Censored News Page 2: Kevin Annett: Eye Witnesses of Murder.


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