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Do you remember the way that the American public was brainwashed before the last US presidential election?

Instead of Obama being presented as the representative of the military-Industrial complex, the Mafia and Israel, he was presented as the lovable 'man of change' who would close Guantanamo and end wars.

The powers-that-be may be going to rig the coming general election in the UK by using such devices as fake postal votes.

The powers-that-be may want to prepare public opinion for an election result that favours their side.

The powers-that-be may be rigging opinion polls?

In the UK, Labour has been in power for many years and has produced wars and poverty.

The 'YouGov/Sunday Times' poll of 26 February 2010 gives the Conservatives only a 2 point lead over Labour. (UK Polling Report Polling Average)

The Sunday Times predicts a victory for the Labour Party, the party of Tony Blair and Gordon Browen.

The 'Angus Reid/Political Betting' poll of 17 February 2010 gave the Conservatives a 14 point lead over Labour.

Now, this may sound odd, but there may be a devious plan by the Conservatives to 'lose the election' so that they do not have to sort out the economic mess?

Or, maybe the powers-that-be have decided to keep (Tony Blair's) Labour party in power, because it is even more Kosher than the Conservatives?

Or, maybe the public is just confused at the choice between a pro-war Zionist Labour party associated with the unpopular Tony Blair and a pro-war Zionist Conservative party associated with the unpopular (in much of the UK) Margaret Thatcher.

The Scottish National party is anti-war and in favour of Scotland keeping its oil wealth.

The YouGov poll shows Labour has opened up a 17-point lead over the Scottish National Party in Scot's Westminster voting intentions.

Do the Scots really want to vote for a Labour party which has produced war and poverty?

Have all the intelligent Scots emigrated from Scotland, leaving behind a bunch of numpties who are easily brainwahed by headlines such as 'Scottish National Party caused Chile earthquake' and 'Labour's Gordon Brown is like Mother Theresa'.

Imagine the polls say that Mr Karzai in Afghanistan is going to get 51% of the vote.

And then he is declared to have got 51% of the vote.

So, you can believe the results of polls and elections?

In 1992, President Suharto's Golkar party in Indonesia predicted they would get around 68% of the vote in the general election. They got 68% of the vote.

It is believed that the vote was totally rigged.

The polling organisation YouGov told us that the Scottish National Party had taken a poll hit after the release of Megrahi.

(42% said the release was correct and 51% said the release was wrong.)

Comments on radio phone-in programs and letters to certain newspapers might suggest that YouGov got it wrong? (Police officer said that he planted the Lockerbie bomb timer fragment)

On 23 November 2006, a YouGov poll in The Telegraph gave the Scottish National Party only 32% of the vote.

On the very same day, 23 November 2006, a YouGov poll in The Herald gave the Scottish National Party 36% of the vote.

(Scotland: Strange YouGov poll results)

Did the Telegraph want the Scottish National Party to look bad?

Did The Herald insist on great accuracy in the questioning of the public?

Allegedly, a polling organisation can get the result its masters want simply by:

1. phrasing its questions in a particular way

2. mainly asking the sort of people who will give the required answers.

For example, a poll might ask:

In view of the Scottish National Party's sympathy for terrorists, and in view of the fact that Scotland's oil has almost run out, do you expect the Scottish Nationalists to win in the Glenrothes election?

The pollsters might then question 400 people living in Scotland who have English sounding names and who have incomes over £50,000 a year.

The pollsters then announce that the SNP can be expected to lose the Glenrothes election.

And the election can then be rigged? Looks like GLENROTHES election WAS RIGGED.

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Stephan Kukowski (also known as Stephan Shakespeare) is the founder, Chief Innovations Officer and a major shareholder of YouGov.

Does he sound like the sort of person who might have connections to the security services?

Stephan Kukowski is on the board of Conservative Friends of Israel

Stephan's father was German Press Liaison Officer at the British Army of the Rhine HQ.

In the UK, Stephan joined (or infiltrated?) the Socialist Workers Student Society.

He became a headmaster in Los Angeles, California in the 1980s.

Back in the UK, he became Jeffrey Archer’s spokesman during and after his failed London mayoral campaign.

He became a Conservative Party pollster and then the Conservative candidate for Colchester.







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