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Were the Mumbai Attacks of 2008 an inside-job, involving the CIA, Mossad and corrupt elements of the Indian security services?

Recent news suggests that the Indian military is corrupt.

Four top Indian generals are currently 'involved in a land scandal'. (Indian land scandal spotlights military corruption.)

41 officers in the Indian military allegedly sold military weapons on the black market.

An army colonel was sacked after he was caught 'faking gun battles with militants by sprinkling tomato ketchup on civilians, who were made to lie still on the ground'.

Between 2000 and 2006, the Indian military had more than 7,000 court martial proceedings.

In June 2009, India blacklisted state-run Israeli Military Industries after police accused a defense ministry bureaucrat of taking bribes.
(Indian land scandal.)

The alleged Mumbai Attacks mastermind, the American David Headley, claimed to know the names and titles of senior Defence personnel in Mumbai and New Delhi. (HEADLEY-GATE)

On 8 February 2009, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi revealed that the Mumbai terror attacks could not have been carried out without internal help from India. (Indian Non Cooperation in the Mumbai Investigations)

On 12 February 2009, the Mumbai police Chief Hassan Ghafoor admitted that two Indians who were arrested by the Indian police had been involved in the Mumbai carnage.

Narayan Rane, an Indian-Hindu leader of the Congress, disclosed on 16 December 2008 that Hindu politicians provided logistical and financial support to Hindu terrorists for the killing of Karkare. (Indian Non Cooperation in the Mumbai Investigations)

According to a report at the American Free Press, Indian intelligence sources claim that the CIA has continued to withhold information on David Headley.

The sources report that the CIA was in possession of Headley's records as he was earlier sent by the DEA to Pakistan on a secret mission. (US refuses to share info on Mumbai suspect)

Evidence is emerging that the controllers who guided the course of the November 2008 assault on Mumbai may have included at least one Indian national. (Tape hints at Indian national in 26/11 control room)

Intercepted phonecalls suggest that at least one controller was a native Hindi speaker.

Other conversations recorded in tapes include 'heavily-accented English'.

The CIA and its friends appear to be using the recently arrested Mr Khwaja to throw people off the scent?

The idea is to suggest that the Indian on the tape is Syed Zabiuddin Ansari, also known as Abu Jindal. explains:

"To recap: Khwaja was planning and recruiting for attacks on Western tourists in Goa.

"But he was captured. (Phew!)

"After capture, he gave Indian investigators intelligence that led to the UK raising it's terror alert.

"So very helpful.

"Now he has also given up the intelligence that Ansari, who last got away after a high-speed car chase (eyeroll), was the very same guy with the Mumbai Hindi accent, who directed one of the two terrorists who held the Chabad House, to contact the media with a Muslim 'manifesto.'

"So you can see what a good thing it was they they captured Khwaja, hmm?

"He's providing some 'new' information that will allow the investigations to take some twists and turns and swerves, to avoid all the giant holes in the Mumbai narrative." - Khwaja speaks




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A. Peasant said...

Headley and Khwaja talk about the "Karachi project" -- training Indian nationals to commit terror in India:

The plot has been named “Karachi project”, details of which Headley has shared with FBI sleuths. The US investigating agency, on its part, has forwarded the details to New Delhi. According to sources, Headley has told the FBI that Indian nationals are being regularly trained for terror activities both by the ISI and the LeT. Once trained, these Indian jihadis are sent back to India
for “terror projects” from time to time.

HuJI’s Khwaja, who was arrested by the Chennai police following his return from Saudi Arabia
on a Pakistani passport, too has told investigators that the ISI-LeT Karachi project was a reality. According to sources, Khwaja has revealed that Karachi had a huge number of highly-indoctrinated jihadi Indian nationals.

Khwaja is also believed to have revealed that he met alleged Indian Mujahideen terrorists Amir Raza Khan and Riyaz Bhatkal in Karachi, both of whom are staying in Karachi’s Defence Enclave, probably under the ISI protection.

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