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The USA is in some ways like Turkey.

Obama took over from Bush, but there was little change.

In Turkey, the 'Ergenekon' organisation may be repaced with 'Fethullah', whose followers 'have taken positions in all governmental and military institutions.' (Government Sponsored Terror Squad Killing Assyrians, Other Minorities in Turkey)

Ergenekon was CIA.

Fethullah may be CIA or something else?

In Turkey, the 'bad guys' of Ergenekon appeared to occupy important positions in the military, the police, the security services, the universities, the media and all the main political parties.

The 'bad guys' seemed to have infiltrated the left wing parties, the right wing parties and even the Islamic AKP party.

In Turkey, Ergenekon is the secret organisation which has been linked to fascism, the CIA, and the drugs mafia.

"A large number of professionally set up Web sites have recently been revealed as being controlled by Ergenekon. These sites offer nationalist and left-wing content..." (ORGANIZED RAGE: Ergenekon.)

Implicated as leading figures within Ergenekon are "the leading Cumhuriyet newspaper columnist İlhan Selçuk, the Turkish Orthodox Patriarchate’s press spokeswoman Sevgi Erenerol; and former İstanbul University Rector Kemal Alemdaroğlu." (Ergenekon part two.)

"Doğu Perinçek the leader of the Workers Party, an organization that claims to be on the left of Turkish politics, has been heavily implicated as a leading figure within Ergenekon." (Ergenekon part two: The left and Internet.)

"Perinçek is accused of having a close relationship with ... the far left Revolutionary People's Liberation Party ... and Abdullah Öcalan, the leader of the Kurdish Workers Party. (PKK)" (Ergenekon part two.)

Reportedly, thousands of unsolved political and religious murders have been committed by Ergenekon.

Ergenekon has now been exposed. (BBC NEWS Europe 'Deep state plot' grips Turkey)

This may be because some of the top Ergenekon generals appear to have become anti-American.

However, the idea that Ergenekon is isolationist, anti-EU, and anti-NATO may be disinformation?

So, what vehicle will the 'bad guys' now be using to control Turkey?

The 'bad guys' may dump the Ergenekon people who have been 'exposed', but continue to use the rest.

Or the 'bad guys' may use the Islamic AKP party?

On 10 February 2010, Dikran Ego writes (Turkey) : "Many who are savvy in how power structures operate in Turkey fear that what is happening now is the AKP government, together with the followers of the Fethullah-sect, who have taken positions in all governmental and military institutions, has begun to break down a competing power structure in order to establish its own position and take full control of the state.

"The question is whether the AKP government will deal and eliminate the terrorist network 'Ergenekon' based on 'Kemalism' to establish its own 'Ergenekon' based on 'islamofascist' ideologies." (Government Sponsored Terror Squad Killing Assyrians, Other Minorities in Turkey )

Fethullah is seen by some as being the CIA. (Fethullah Gülen's Web Site.)

Fethullah Gulen (

"Gülen's proclaimed ideal is to promote peaceful coexistence, and dialog of civilizations at the international scale, and to see a renaissance of the modern Muslim world with Turkey at the forefront in the local scale." (Fethullah Gülen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

From Wikipedia:

The ideas of Fethullah Gülen, and the schools opened by his followers in many countries have recently been the subject of articles by Forbes magazine and the French daily Le Monde.

In the Forbes article entitled "Gülen Inspires Muslims Worldwide", the chief characteristic of the Gülen movement is identified as not seeking to subvert modern secular states but rather encouraging practicing Muslims to use to the fullest the opportunities those countries offer.

In an article in The Economist, the Gülen movement is reported as a Turkish-based movement, vying to be recognized as the world's leading Muslim network, and Gülen himself as one of the world's most important Muslim figures.

Reuters also analyzed Gülen and Gülen movement in a recent article: Gülen wants to see a renaissance of the modern Muslim world with Turkey at the forefront.

Gülen was described as the modern face of the Sufi Ottoman tradition in an article in the center-left British monthly, Prospect.

Prospect reported that Gülen insists on friendship among people of all faiths and that "no one should be seen as an outsider."

"Millions of people inside and outside Turkey have been inspired by Gülen," the magazine said, citing "a combination of charisma, good organization and an attractive message" as reasons for his overwhelming support worldwide.

Newsweek, which allegedly promotes the views of the CIA, published an article entitled "Behind Turkey's Witch Hunt" by Soner Cagaptay.

The Newsweek article appears to attack Fetulah Gulen and his movement.

Bruce Prescott PhD, defends Gulen (Newsweek Defames Gulen):

"Comprehending the internal political machinations of factions and parties within foreign countries is always challening for an outsider, but I am reasonably certain that the following observations hold true:

1. The form of secularism that has prevailed in Turkey until recently has been hostile to religion and not neutral. Secularist cabals within the military have repeatedly overthrown and executed democratically elected leaders for being too religious.

2. All the evidence that I have seen - in his writings, in his disciples, and in the institutions that he has created - indicates that Fetulah Gulen is promoting a moderate and enlightened form of Sufi Islam that encourages interfaith dialogue and respects religious pluralism. There is no doubt that he is one of the most popular religious leaders in Turkey.

3. The real witch hunt began in 2000 when secularist state officials accused Gulen of plotting to overthrow the secular government and create a theocratic state. In 2008, after eight long years of litigation, Turkey's Supreme Court of Appeals finally confirmed Gulen's acquittal by a lower court in Ankara.

4. Mr. Cagaptay's (Newsweek) essay is as careful to perpetuate suspicions about Gulen's political influence as it is careless about taking note of any suspicious relationship between Turkan Saylan and the women working for the Society for Contemporary Life (CYDD) and the secularists."

Mehmet Kalyoncu also defends Gulen (Fethullah Gülen is indeed behind Turkey's democratization process):

"With Gulen's help, the Turkish society, which had so far been intimidated and humiliated by the antidemocratic, dictatorial and secularist establishment, has recognized its potential.

"Gülen convinced the Turkish people that it was their judiciary, their army, their academia, their industry and their own art and sciences; and as such, they had the legitimate right to claim their place in all these areas of life while preserving their piously Muslim identity.

"This success of Gülen seems to have scared the establishment to death as it now terribly risks losing its absolute grip on every aspect of life in Turkey."


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Thanks Aangirfan,

My question would be: Where does Gulen stand on the topic of usury?

Not that anyone would ask him of course... what a crazy question!

Anonymous said...

Fethullah Gulen’s location 41.019493,-75.24637. Use for a clear view!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fethullah Gulen’s location 41.019493,-75.24637. Use for a clear view!!!!!

Anonymous said...

it seems that Gulen's inflitration into Turkey's education, politics, media, and military are under investigation especially after a tell all book by a Turkish Police Chief. Next will be an investigation in America on the mismanagement of funds surrounding the 140 US Charter Schools that the Gulen Movement manages.
The National on the Investigation of Gulen in Turkey
USA Today a Look at Gulen and the American Charter schools

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