Friday, February 05, 2010


1. In June 1997, the Kilkenny People had an article on child sex abuse in Ireland. (cover-up , involving top clergy , Garda and "celebrities" )

The article related that sex-abuse victims from a SE Leinster based 'Survivors' group planned to name a Bishop , a high ranking Garda (police officer) , a Government Minister and a number of high profile "personalities".

But, then we apparently get a cover-up.

2. Michael O'Brien was sexually and physically abused while a child resident during the 1940's of St Josephs Industrial School in Clonmel, Ireland, which was run by the Rosminian religious order.

A painful but revealing piece of TV: A victim of child abuse and State negligence hits back.

3. US victims of child abuse have reported a link to Ireland.

70 Irish priests who worked in the USA have been linked to child abuse.

70 Irish priests accused of sex crimes in US


Edo said...

I don't mind admitting that the Michael O'Brien clip made me cry.

Word Verification = copsight.... oh the irony.

Anonymous said...

Irland and sex for money..
being on a bus to the Wicklow mountains last junly, the bus driver, seemingly a knowledgable man, stated:
"in the Irish countryside, on average, there are 2 women for 3 men, in Dublin, it is the other way round.. the Irish concocted a scheme out of this fact.. I do not want to go into details..."
Staying in the North Star Hotel in Dublin, the price tag on the back of the door stated "in case of double occupancy, room rate is EUR 400.--" which was about 6 fold of what I had been paying for the room as a single occupant...
Is Ireland a actually a destination for paid sex, possibly of the more expensive variant....

David G. said...

When are people going to wake up to the fact that all religion is a con, one perpetrated by men and women with sexual urges.

To expect humans to be celibate defies their genetic programming and leads to the bizarre behaviour found in all religions that enforce celibacy.

Getting rid of religion would be a good start. If that can't be done then do away with celibacy!

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