Thursday, January 28, 2010

Young Girls

Image from: publicnomad reports & documentaries worldwide

"In a precedent to the Gannon,Guckert,Gosch saga in America, a company called Eurosystems Hospitalier ... hired a woman called Fortunato Israel in a public relations capacity.

"She also went by the name Tuna and, with a band of ... girls, provided just the sort of public relations Saudi princes are known to be so fond of...

"Nihoul's name ... came up in the investigation of the murder of Juan Mendez of Fabrique Nationale, supposedly the worker in a conspiracy to provide false end user certificates for weapons destined for Iraq, as a Tory minister (Aitken) linked to Jersey was doing the same thing here and Ollie North was using Franklin Credit Union for similar purposes in America...

"The Ballets roses was a scandal that was publicized in 1958 in France.

"In a fashionable country house near Paris, belonging to the French Senate, a group of teenage girls performed 'ballets' attended by prominent figures of the political and social worlds...

"Appropriately, 1984 , a squad of US Marines parachuted into Belgium, hid out for a fortnight then stormed the Vielsalm police station, killing a policeman and stealing weapons which then found their way to extremist groups..." - Dutroux in Context

Reagan and his Taliban pals. The Taliban was a construct of the CIA and was armed by the CIA…. - Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

"When the Taliban come to my house they knock on the door, they request politely to stay, they drink tea or have something to eat, they ask about the wellbeing of myself and my family and then they go away," one Helmand listener wrote.

"When foreign troops come to my house they bang and kick the door, they shout at every person, they point guns at even kids and women, they break every lock without asking for the key, look at us like we are from Mars, and leave us upset." - UK troops defended against Afghans' accusations

Britain complicit in torture of terror suspects, claims damning UN report

SNP submit evidence to Chilcot Inquiry

SNP claim the most votes in 2009

Victory paves way for Dominique de Villepin's comeback reports on Mohammed Abdul Khwaja, a purported terrorist.

"According to a report in the Sri Lanka Guardian, it was Khwaja who provided the intelligence that led to the UK terrorism alert. Worth a read, as he manages to mention every talking point plus the kitchen sink.

"According to the Sunday Times of the UK as quoted by The Hindu of January 25,2010, the Indian intelligence agencies are reported to have alerted MI-5, the British security service,about the suspected plans of Pakistan-based pro-Al Qaeda elements to hijack an Indian aircraft originating from Delhi or Mumbai and crash it into a British city." - politics, terrorism, and sports

Police failures in Market Weighton child abuse case

Goldsmith granddaughter Robyn Whitehead 'dies in drug overdose'





Keeping Scotland a Colony

New Scottish Newspaper - Online

London-based travel agency catering to tourists wishing to come to Indonesia, and other countries in the region.


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