Monday, February 01, 2010


Elections in Indonesia, under Suharto.

Report: CIA chief visited Israel; discussed Iran

What the Sledgehammer generals wanted for Turkey?

"Economic relations with Iran, Arab and Gulf countries would be terminated." - Sledgehammer's national socialism

Jews are powerful in Tony Blair's UK Labour Party.

Luciana Berger is director of the Labour Friends of Israel group.

Berger was linked with Tony Blair’s son Euan after they were seen together in a Brighton nightclub during the 2004 Labour conference.

Berger, 28, has now been chosen as the Labour party’s candidate in Liverpool Wavertree.

Berger has claimed that at a conference she was spat on for being Jewish.

She resigned from the executive of the National Union of Students in protest at lack of action over anti-semitism on university campuses. - Labour at war as Blair son's glamorous friend is chosen for safe seat

MP Peter Kilfoyle said Labour should have picked a candidate with “local knowledge and more experience” than the London-born pro-Israel Berger. The Liberal Democrats have made Wavertree – with its slender majority of 3,308 – their number one target seat in the region. Liverpool Labour infighting after 28-year-old candidate chosen for Wavertree

Scotland the Grave

Dominique de Villepin, who opposed the Iraq War, to be retried

Mondo left a comment on our post "MAHATHIR, 9 11, JEWS":

Mondo suggests that Israelis are stirring things up.

"... Israel has set aside millions of dollars a year to have multi-lingualists sit at computer sites all day trolling all these blogs... ADL has "partnered" with YouTube....I can't tell you how many extreme racist videos I've seen with blacks and latinos attacking whites.... it was predominately Jews who transported Africans to the US mainland as documented by Walter White in his book Jews and the Slave Trade that Minister Farrakhan uses for lectures. Jews who brought slaves to America by not only bartering for them from slave traders in Africa, but chained and transported them...."

Anonymous left a comment on our post "SLEDGEHAMMER; 9 11":

"...It's interesting to note that the elite of the 'United States of NATO' are perfectly happy to blow up churches, mosques and even synagogues, as they did in Turkey, among other places. Hence, it's not a facile 'Jewish plot', as many would have you believe. There is of course a powerful inner core of Zionists, but Zionism and Judaism are entirely antithetical....Even more ridiculous is the idea that it's all a Vatican plot. Pope John Paul II was almost killed by a member of the Grey Wolves, a puppet of the NATO stay-behind armies..."

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