Wednesday, January 13, 2010


"Moody's credit rating agency has warned that future tax rises and spending cuts could trigger social unrest in a range of countries." Moody’s warns of 'social unrest’ as sovereign debt spirals

China consumers to overtake U.S. in a decade: Credit Suisse

Diplomatic Slight Strains Israeli-Turkish Relations

Medvedev-Erdogan talks to focus on gas, oil, nuclear projects

Iceland Chills

Google 'may end China operations'

"Anyone else see the irony in the same politicians who support the banning of Islam4UK supporting the Green Revolutionaries in Tehran?" Freedom is Indivisible

"There have been far too many reports of individuals being told they’d lose their jobs if they pushed the 9/11 issue with their editors, so it’s time we stopped referring to these willing peddlers of disinformation as innocuous thick-skulled dolts.

"Come on, my kid figured out 9/11 when he was barely fourteen!" Enough! Time We Call a Spade a Spade

Leaderless Canada, Israeli Security services and the Olympics

"Harper’s Actual Agenda is to Dismantle Canada"

The Military-Industrial Complex is Ruining the Economy

How Goldman Sachs Made Tens of Billions of Dollars from the Economic Collapse of America

aangirfan: UN crimes in Haiti

"My suspicion is that as with Hamas, a creation of Israel from the 1970's, the Mafia Mullah's of Iran have covert linkages with Israel (Iran/Contra.....meetings in Rome more recently), and of course through the Crypto-Jew network within Iran which seems to predominate the Mafia Mullah regime (Ahmedinejad, Saeed Imami Deputy Head of Iranian Intelligence, until 1999).......and what we have here is a dangerous game of pantomime theater which could get out of control." - A response to Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi

Hamas’ political evolution and deepening moderation stand in stark contrast to the rejectionism of the Netanyahu government. - The Transformation of Hamas

How do you spell success? Venezuelan President Ch├ívez’ Popularity Steady at 60%

The Curious Case of Anwar al-Awlaki

Is Monsanto's Corn Destroying Your Internal Organs?


aferrismoon said...

Re: PanAm 103 . reading about Hagar 17 at JFK where they keep evidence from the Twin Towers.
It was owned by Tower Air, Israeli.
The son of an owner , Arthur Fondlier, was killed on Flight 103.
The company closed in 2000.

might be of interest


Anon said...

Dear aferrismoon,

Many thanks for the information.

- Aangirfan

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