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Peter Robinson 'in Israel in 1986' (

Have the spooks decided to destroy certain politicians like Peter Robinson and Gerry Adams? (GERRY ADAMS?)

Peter Robinson, a strict right-wing protestant Elim Pentecostalist, is First Minister of Northern Ireland.

He is a militant.

In 1986, he spoke at the Ulster Hall demonstration which launched Ulster Resistance.

Ulster Resistance collaborated with the militant Ulster Defence Association and Ulster Volunteer Force to import arms from South Africa. (Profile: Peter Robinson: Poised to take reins from the Big Man)

Robinson and his wife Iris are fundamentalists.

In 2008, Robinson said: "It wasn’t Iris Robinson who determined that homosexuality was an abomination, it was The Almighty. This is the Scriptures." [30]

In January 2010 it was revealed that 58 year old Iris Robinson had recently had an affair with a teenage toyboy.

There have been allegations of financial irregularities involving payments made by Mrs Robinson to her teen toyboy.

Peter Robinson leads the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), founded by Ian Paisley.

"There is of course a thriving gay subculture in the DUP, but it’s very heavily closeted." (Jesus loves you more than you will know « Splintered Sunrise)

Obama and Robinson, who has a home in Florida.

According to The Daily Mail (Mrs Robinson and her teen toyboy.) the Robinsons are rich.

They have fast cars and homes in London, Belfast and Florida.

Now, a whistleblower, Iris Robinson's former political adviser Selwyn Black, has revealed parts of the story.

Iris Robinson is now reportedly 'heading for a skiing holiday in Chamonix'.

The Robinson marriage 'has been the subject of ugly rumours'.

Iris Robinson had been in hospital 18 times in recent years, 'prompting speculation that she was the victim of domestic violence.' (Mrs Robinson and her teen toyboy.)

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