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The UK is having an Iraq inquiry.

Sir Martin Gilbert is one of the five members of the inquiry panel.

He is a former member of the UK military's Intelligence Corps. (Janus: The Papers of Sir Martin Gilbert)

Gilbert is the biographer of Sir Winston Churchill, who reportedly was gay and had a Jewish mother.

Sir Martin Gilbert is Jewish and a Zionist.[2]

Sir Lawrence Freedman, Gilbert's fellow Iraq inquiry panel member, is Jewish.

Gilbert had compared George W Bush, and Tony Blair to Roosevelt and Churchill (Martin Gilbert - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).


Gilbert is fascinated by Churchill.

In 1991 Brian Lamb interviewed Martin Gilbert about Gilbert's biography of Churchill (homosexuality - John Derbyshire's home page):

Gilbert: ... When Churchill was 20 and a young soldier, he was accused of buggery, and you know that's a terrible accusation. Well, he ended up prime minister for quite a long time.

Lamb: Why was he accused of buggery, and what is it?

Gilbert: You don't know what buggery is?

Lamb: Define it, please.

Gilbert [clearly flustered]: Oh, dear. Sorry, I thought the word would — buggery is what used to be called "an unnatural act of the Oscar Wilde type"...

Gilbert has been accused of not telling the whole truth about Churchill, gay people and the Nazis.

It has been reported that at one point Churchill considered a deal with Hitler. (aangirfan: Churchill and an alliance with Hitler?)

Winston Churchill reportedly "had a fling with musical comedy star Ivor Novello." (

Novello was the lover of the British actor Bobby Andrews, and he had an affair with the British poet and writer Siegfried Sassoon.W.

Somerset Maugham was reportedly told by Winston Churchill, that he, Churchill, had slept with Novello.

"Sassoon (whose father was Jewish) ... embarked vigorously on a series of homosexual love affairs...

"His sexual journeys... brought couplings with Queen Victoria’s grandson, Prince Philip of Hesse, the musical comedy star Ivor Novello (the Lloyd Webber of his day) and, painfully, Stephen Tennant...

"With all of this, he won the respect of the literary and musical establishment, Thomas Hardy, William Walton, Edward Elgar, Walter de la Mare, the bizarre Sitwell Trio and ‘Laurence of Arabia’ T E Lawrence, Robbie Ross (Oscar Wilde’s great friend) – even Winston Churchill."


Morocco has been linked to pederasty. Churchill liked to visit Morocco.

"In the midst of war and grand strategy, as he himself recorded in his history of World War II, he took time to note the pleasures of the flesh in Marrakesh in Morocco."


Churchill also like Camara de Lobos in Madeira.

Paedophile groups reportedly used to travel to that area to seek out young children. (Guardian Unlimited The Guardian Portugal's elite linked to ...)

"In the fifty-six years of their married life Winston and Clementine Churchill were often apart...

"He was backward with the opposite sex... Winston (was) awkward with women

"Readers are bound to be struck by the fact that Winston and Clemmie took so many holidays apart..."


Brendan Bracken was Winston Churchill's closest friend.

Some people thought that Bracken might be homosexual. (


Franz said...

Well! All this time we're wondering why right wing US politicians can't fart without quoting Winston Churchill. NOW we know. Perverts, all of 'em.

Anonymous said...

winston was supplied witha secretary by the jewish lobby called back then "the focus group"
they knew winston would nob the daylights out of the poor young boy,
and then they could blackmail winston for another war for the jews on germany.

Anonymous said...

It is well known that sex was common among English boys as so many of their school masters, like priests were "hungry" sexually and young boys made it easy for them. Today these practices are out in the open. Churchill's father was a known bisexual and his mother "fast". His man servant and best friend (Cherwell)liked young boys, and he had many German early connections, a few with Hitler. What really ;went on was a war for profit and these leaders caused many unnecessary deaths.

Anonymous said...

My mother when a young girl met with Mountbattan and his lieutenants in Norfolk, Virginia and was engaged to one of his men. She later married my father. My grandfather at that time was head of Naval Intelligence in Norfolk ( a Naval officer/ physician ) and I picked up a great deal of early information here in Norfolk...

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