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Obama has got George W Bush and Bill Clinton to lead a private fundraising effort to 'help' Haiti. (Bush deflects Katrina questions)

Bush was selected because of his handling of Hurricane Katrina.

And because both he and his father were involved in coups against Haiti's popular, anti-drug president, Aristide.

Clinton was chosen because of his record in 'trying to starve' the people of Haiti. (Bush, Clinton and the crimes of US imperialism in Haiti )

Both Bush and Clinton, allegedly, know quite a lot about the activities of the drugs mafias.

Haiti by Rémi Kaupp © Rémi Kaupp

On 17 January 2010, at we read an article by Wayne Madsen entitled "Haiti: US troops to prevent return of Aristide"

Among the points made:

1. Cuban and Venezuelan field hospitals were quick to arrive in Haiti.

Icelandic search-and-rescue people were quick to arrive in Haiti.

Russia, Spain, Mexico, Chile, and Guatemala were quick to send in food and water.

Meanwhile, Obama and his generals were planning to send in weapons of war.

2. When eventually the US military arrived, US weapons and war supplies crowded the airport, leaving little room for planes carrying food, water, and medical supplies.

When U.S. Special Operations forces arived at Port-au-Prince airport they pointed their guns at the starving Haitians.

3. Aristide, in exile in South Africa, wants to return to Haiti to help his people.

4. Haiti's President Rene Preval is a CIA stooge placed in power by the USA.

Preval has supported 'free trade' deals which have hurt Haiti's farmers.

This has caused Haiti's farm population to stream into Port-au-Prince to work in the American sweat shops, heralded as 'progress' by the likes of George Soros.

The sweat shop workers are forced to live in poorly constructed slums.

The death count from the earthquake will be much higher as the result of collapsed slums.

Haiti by Rémi Kaupp © Rémi Kaupp

5. US Defence Secretary Robert Gates will prevent Aristide from returning to Haiti.

Gates helped plan the coup that ousted Aristide in 1991. Gates was then Bush's deputy national security adviser.

6. Haiti was forced by Clinton to agree to "free trade" deals that saw Haiti's workers produce clothing for retailers like Disney.

Clinton imposed economic sanctions against Aristide to try to force him to agree to the policies of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.

Clinton ensured that Haiti went from being an exporter of nutritious rice to being "an importer of expensive bleached and genetically-modified 'junk rice' primarily from Arkansas."

After Aristide raised the minimum wage to two dollars a day, Bush toppled Aristide.

7. UN "peacekeeping" forces in Haiti have ensured that Aristide and his Lavalas Party does not regain power.

Reportedly, one of the methods the UN uses is "periodically raiding pro-Aristide slums and killing Lavalas activists in their homes."

8. When Honduran President Manuel Zelaya also raised the minimum wage in his country, the CIA arranged for a military coup to remove him.

9. Involved in the humanitarian relief in Haiti will be USAID, said to be front for the CIA.

USAID is headed by Rajiv Singh, a one-time political hack for Pennsylvania's "corrupt" Democratic Governor Ed Rendell.







nobody said...

Spot on. The logic behind any US 'assistance' could be accurately summed up as the more dead the better.

And don't you love the logic of 'We can't airdrop the food because there'll be rioting'. Yeah? Well God forbid that that happens. Better they all starve. Those motherfuckers...

And BTW. I read on the net yesterday that Israelis were in Haiti. Later at home when I flicked on the news I bet myself ten bucks that the Israelis would get prominent coverage. Bingo! I give myself ten bucks. I knew the Israelis would be featured because getting on the telly was the only reason they went. As if the Israelis could give a flying fuck about a bunch of dead shvartzes!? The more dead the better!

nobody said...

PS I was reading over at Twelth Bough about the prevalence of modern day slave trading in Haiti, specifically of children, and I had to wonder if Haiti isn't some kind of um... 'hallowed shrine' for the paedophocracy/satanist mob.

Think about it, Haiti's original people, the native American Arawak, were perfectly genocided. Heavy Juju for a satanist death cult. Folowing this Haiti was entirely populated by slaves and masters. Imagine the appeal of that. Apparently there's about half a dozen families who effectively rule Haiti and who were re-installed by the Americans when they threw Aristide out. What with Haiti's heavy voodoo vibes, what's the money that the ruling families are hardcore satanists who groove on human sacrifice? Seriously.

I don't know if you're up on the history of Haiti, but it's so ugly, so relentless, and so hardcore that if a single spot on earth was to qualify as a Satanist, um... 'most favoured nation' (if you can dig the black humour) is there a nation on earth that could top Haiti?

Anon said...

Dear Nobody,

Haiti's child brothels are said to be frequented by top Americans and Europeans.

- Aangirfan

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