Sunday, January 03, 2010


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Middle-aged woman teacher gets 20 years for sex with 13-year-old pupil

Blackwater killers get off : 'They kept pumping bullets into us'

Iraqi government 'astonished' after Blackwater case thrown out

Prince Charles tried to stop Iraq war

John Major criticises Iraq invasion motives

Are planned airport scanners just a scam?

Relatives of Lockerbie victims begin new legal fight for public inquiry.

aangirfan: Mervyn Jenkins

John Pilger recalls his undercover reporting from East Timor and reveals that a major new movie, Balibo, perpetuates the cover-up of the role played western governments in the genocial invasion of East Timor by Indonesia and the Australian government's part in the murder of its own journalists. New Statesman - A travesty of omissions

UK journalists murdered by the military

East Timor by yeowatzup > Collections

CIA Agents assassinated in Afghanistan worked for “contractor” active in Venezuela, Cuba

Are Westerners Broken People? Why do we tolerate our own forces of oppression ?

French media caught red-handed: Honduras coup protest photo presented as Iranian

New Study Confirms: Organic Food is Far Healthier Than Conventional

'Lifeless' prion proteins are 'capable of evolution'

Malaysia scandal: Lawyers worry police probe on Pornthip may affect Teoh inquest

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we all know why blair went to war operation ore

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