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De broers Henk en Hans Japing bij een vliegtuig op het militaire vliegveld Andir bij Bandoeng 1935. Source Tropenmuseum Author Dhr. C.H. (Christoffel Hendrik) Japing.

Reportedly, Iran-Contra was about government drug dealing.

Anonymous, in a comment on our post "CHILD ABUSE, DRUGS AND BLACKMAIL IN HOLLAND; THE C...", refers to Winnie Sorgdrager, Dutch Minister of Justice from 1994-1998.

She reportedly 'fired all the top-brass in the Dutch justice department except Joris Demmink.'

Demmink allegedly had knowledge of a child abuse scandal. (CHILD ABUSE, DRUGS AND BLACKMAIL IN HOLLAND; THE C...)

Sorgdrager has been linked to Rolph Gonsalves.

Rodolph Aloysius Gonsalves (1932 - 2002) was Attorney-General for serious organized crime in the Netherlands. (
Rolph Gonsalves - Wikipedia - [ Translate this page ])

As a Dutch colonial government official in Dutch New Guinea, "he was responsible for torture, arson, and the murder of fleeing people."

After the transfer of Dutch New Guinea to Indonesia, Gonsalves moved to Holland.

He was the first 'national officer for terrorism' in the Netherlands.

In 1979 he became Chief Justice in Almelo.

Winnie Sorgdrager was then one of his subordinates.

Lockerbie was about heroin.

In 1994, in Holland, it became clear that police and government officials had been involved in bringing drugs into the country and selling them to the public (The IRT affair). (Chronology of the Netherlands )

The Dutch parliament's Kalsbeek Commission 'investigated the import of cocaine into Holland with the complicity of corrupt customs officials, civil servants and police officers - members of the Interregionaal Rechercheteams (IRT) set up in 1987 to work alongside the DEA and the US Department of Justice'. (Dutch trial leads to DEA/CIA/Contras )

The IRT operation was suspended in December 1993 after a Haarlem-based senior officer, Klaas Langedoen, and his deputy, Van Vondel, were accused of perjury.

Gonsalves was alleged to have been one of the officials involved in the IRT business. (Rolph A. Gonsalves (1932-2002) - Translate this page)

In 1994 Gonsalves was appointed Attorney General for serious, organized crime.

In 1995, Mink K, an alleged member of the Delta cartel, a Dutch organized crime syndicate, was convicted of weapons possession and cocaine trafficking. (Dutch trial leads to DEA/CIA/Contras)

He was released on appeal, due to a legal technicality.

Mink K was said to be 'managed' by a senior US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)officer, Robert Nieves. (Cached)

Nieves had links to Iran-Contra. (US GOVT CRACK COCAINE CONNECTION TIME LINE - Vox )


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