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Osho Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

Mumbai suspect David Headley visited the Osho Ashram in Pune twice during 2008 and 2009. (Police claim Headley visited Pune’s Osho Ashram)

Some people believe that Osho Rajneesh was a CIA agent. (set up in Pune.)

When Osho Rajneesh died in Pune in 1990, rumours spread that he had been poisoned by the CIA. (OSHO ; BHAGWAN SHREE RAJNEESH )


Osho Rajneesh drives by. (Source: © 2003 Samvado Gunnar Kossatz)

In 1985, The Portland Oregonian published a series linking the Osho Rajneesh cult to the CIA.

The Oregonian also linked the Osho Rajneesh cult to opium trafficking, prostitution, money laundering, arson, slave labour, mass poisonings, illegal wiretaps and the stockpiling of guns and biochemical warfare weapons. (The Strange Legacy of Osho - eMusic Spotlight)

The Oregonian investigation revealed the cult had ties to CIA-trained mercenaries in El Salvador and the Far East.

According to the Oregonian investigation, Rajneesh's secret police force worked with CIA operatives.


Meanwhile, on 22 January 2010, it is reported that Ajmal Kasab says the Mumbai police, and the FBI, made up all the evidence: Kasab

According to Kasab, the Mumbai police Crime Branch, who had the help of the FBI, fabricated the evidence against him.

This faked evidence included the FBI's alleged retrieval of data from a global positioning system.

Does the FBI fake evidence? (aangirfan: Lockerbie Evidence )

Ajmal Kasab


jivraj said...

writer of this blog has lost reasoning mind and just trying to put the pieces together of waste story to the current issue of terrorists and links with FBI.

Had Osho any link with FBI or CIA he whould not have been arrested and jailed for 12 days and treated like a criminal in US jails.
For Hadley and Rana FBI are working as shield against Indian investigative agencies.

Kasab is fooling the Indian police and still he is held a precious jewel to be ceremoniously corwned for his crimes against innocent Indians.

SS Kang said...

Osho is a gem. He is one of the most intelligent and rebellious enlightened master ever walked on this planet.
The writer of this blog really need to see a doctor.

Topper said...

Appears you have chalenged a paradigm or two.... the CIA has created many front organisations which, according to the useful idiots who fill the ranks could "never" have been working with the US. See Osama bin Laden and his playmates of the Taliban.

Anonymous said...

You are doing a fantastic job.
I found your Blog while doing research between the connection of Oregon Rajneesh Cult, and the Jim Jones Cult.
Congressman Leo Ryan who was killed at Jonestown, his daughter was Ma Amrita Pritam of Osho.
I have a radio Show in the states.
I would like to have you on sometime.
302-566-1943 or
Skype ID: Iconoclast-Radio, Paul.

Anon said...

Congressman Leo Ryan was killed at Jonestown.

His daughter was Ma Amrita Pritam of Osho.

Osho is connected to David Headley.

Many thanks for the links.

- Angirfan

Anonymous said...

Central Intellegence is merely the Zen-Buddhists' "Middle-Path". Propondering from the Center. The application of the Nuero-Agent [Haldol] applied on the Puram Ranch, dosn't contain poisionous inertia qualities, nor was the syrum/alexier had for the doscile affects as reported. The brain-med was manifested in food and beverage by the "powers that be" for the comprehension inherit in a Buddha-Field of Alpha, found in Hindu/Kings English linquistics during discourse of a living Zen Master. A "gift of the spirit" as was the Pentecost. Case in point: Bhagwan would be the first to say, that he speaks, from "both sides of his mouth". Esoteric circles in Central Intellegence know of this principal as VIZ, Voice in Zen. He was a brilliant "Medizenman". A step by step maturation of "Harnessing the ECHO of the Interiority Kingdom".

Anonymous said...

NO! Please say it isn't so! The FBI fabricating evidence?! I'm devastated. Finn

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