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At voltairenet, on 25 January 2010, Thierry Meyssan has written further about the Haiti earthquake and seismic weapons.

He points out:

1. The USA does have seismic weapons.

2. Before the Haiti quake, US forces were pre-positioned to deploy on the island.

3. The issue of man-made earthquakes is debated at the highest level in several states in Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia.

4. During the Second World War New Zealand researchers attempted to develop a machine to generate tsunamis that could be used against Japan. The work was directed by Australian Thomas Leech of the University of Auckland, under the codename "Project Seal". Several small-scale experiments were conducted in 1944-1945 at Whangaparaoa.

5. The Soviets studied the possibility of causing small earthquakes. This resulted in the construction of Pamir, the earthquake machine.

Some of the former Soviet scientists went to work for the US military and became involved in the HAARP program.

6. In May 2008, there was an earthquake in Sichuan (China).

During the 30 minutes before the earthquake, the inhabitants of the region observed unusual colours in the sky.

Reportedly, energy used to cause the earthquake had also caused disturbances in the ionosphere.

7. Before the Haiti quake, the US military were already pre-positioned for a move to Haiti.

Under General PK Keen, they were taking part in a simulated 'humanitarian' operation involving a possible natural disaster in Haiti.

General Keen and his team had arrived in Haiti a few days before the quake.

At the moment the earthquake, they were all safely at the U.S. embassy which is built to anti-seismic standards. (With the exception of two men at the Hotel Montana who were injured.)

General Keen often mentions his presence in Port-au-Prince during the earthquake, but never the reasons for that presence.

Among the objectives of the drill were the testing of new software to coordinate the efforts of NGOs and armies. Within minutes of the disaster taking place, the software was put online and 280 NGOs had registered.

It is legitimate to ask whether or not this is a coincidence.






Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to see any documents that detail physical mechanisms that connect HAARP-style ionospheric activity with earthquakes.

Possibly this is simply planted disinformation to discredit the whole notion of anthropogenic seismicity.
(Project Seal could also have been largely a disinformation exercise: directing huge amounts of energy in a collimated manner in water over long distances is a non-trivial engineering exercise, to say the least.)

There are far simpler and more obvious physical trigger mechanisms.

The US jointly with other nations manage a constellation of seismic (and radionuclide) monitoring stations around the world as part of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (ctbto.org).

These stations, as well as gravimetric satellite and other sources, give a detailed picture of planetary tectonic movements and a relatively accurate means of ascertaining stresses that may precipitate a near-term earthquake.

Once you know there is an incipient earthquake, you can make efforts to "tailor" it or trigger it. For example, using fluid injection, explosives, earth or water movement, probably assisted using resonance.

In fact, in activities such as oil extraction, mining, dam filling and geothermal power generation this is a real problem. Legally as well.

So much so that there are companies out there that sell software to manage geomechanical work to prevent triggering tremors and quakes. And research labs of Exxon, for instance, that put a lot of effort and money into such work to avoid accidents that could entail massive litigation.

In a recent minor case of this sort, a company executive almost went to prison because of tremors caused by a geothermal power project in Basel, Switzerland.

So tremors can arise accidentally, even when careful measures are taken to prevent triggering them.

So if that's what can be done accidentally, imagine what you might achieve by deliberately and methodically doing exactly the wrong things, and honing and refining your abilities to do so.

Also, the problem isn't as much to trigger seismicity, but to do it in a deniable manner. At least once it was.

The world of geopolitics and intel is a vastly different place from the world of mainstream media, which no thinking person, and certainly no politician of a major power, pays any heed to, except to interpret propaganda.

Hence deniability is not even necessarily that important.

If, say, the Russian government had evidence that seismic weapons were being used, it is probably in their interests not to disclose it publicly: it would be held to ridicule and, ironically, affect their credibility. Angloamerican lies are formidable, and really a masterwork, but eventually will be crushed by force of simple reality.


This is in no way a defence of the Angloamerican cryptoplutocracy: they are some of the most monstrous filth ever to disgrace this good Earth.
(Look at the board of trustees of the Center for Strategic and International Studies to get an idea of the menagerie of monsters we're talking about.)

peaceorwar said...

US testing weapons for next war on Iran

Hei Hu Quan said...

Great points. For me the smoking guns in this very suspicious disaster have been the U.S. military preset for deployment under the guise of an exercise (just like 9/11 & 7/7). The fact that this earthquake only precisely and strategically targeted Haiti and not the Dominican Republic as well. For reference and example, the total size of the island incorporating Haiti and the Dominican Republic is 76,921 sq. km in size. The Dominican Republic is 48,921 sq. km, while Haiti is only 28,000 sq. km which sure looks like that earthquake was a hell of a sniper. The fact that the self-same eugenocidal moron George W. Bush, who ensured the calculated and controlled destruction of humanity in New Orleans during Katrina, is tasked with directing earthquake aid efforts. Talk about a psychotically sick sense of humour! And much to the non-surprise of all, the results were exactly the same, as if orchestrated from a playbook of eugenic murder. With food, medicine and other vital aid deliberately suppressed from the populace to ensure genocidal starvation and death from infections.

subrosa said...

I read something about this on an American blog last week Aangirfan. Very intriguing concept.

Edo said...

Excellent probing post, and comments too. Trowbridge H. Ford has published an interesting range of essays titled, "Glimpses of America's Man-Made Disasters" available over at Cryptome or Codshit, offering an insight into the technologies in this area, although I must admit, a lot of it went over my head.

My question is, would it be plausible, if the US has perfected this type of technology, that they want enemies to know of its capability, so as to make them surrender before the event? (using tinpot countries like Haiti as an example? a marketing piece if you will....)

ي س said...

if the US did make this earthquack ,do u think OBAMA knew that? or a hidden government usualy decide such works?

Anon said...

Dear ي س

I imagine Obama would have to know.

- Aangirfan

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