Tuesday, January 12, 2010


America is not always at the forefront of events.

1. Imagine a city, well known to President Obama, where the rich elite are able to break the law and use 'green areas', such as parkland or farm land, to build their luxury houses, golf courses, shopping malls and office blocks.

Imagine this city's green area being reduced from 35% of the land area to only 9%.

Imagine that this city, as more trees get cut down and more land gets concreted over, develops major problems with flooding.

Imagine 70% of the city flooded and hundreds of thousands fleeing their homes.

Imagine the governor of the city declaring that it would not be realistic to take back and restore the former green areas grabbed by the rich.

Imagine the governor forcing the poorest people off their land, so that new green areas can be created.

Jakarta, once home to Obama.

This city, where the poor get turfed off their land, is the largest city in the southern hemisphere.

It is Jakarta - A city without social justice

What happens in Indonesia often happens later in California, or Florida, or Louisiana.

The poor in these places had better look out.

General Suharto (news.bbc.co.uk/2/low/in_pictures/4528925.stm)

2. Many Indonesian intellectuals in the 1930s 'saw fascism as a trendy idea'. (Gerindra and 'Greater Indonesia')

In the mid 1960s, the USA put the 'fascists' into power in Indonesia. (THE USA IN INDONESIA )

The American trained generals still pull the strings.

The forerunner of al Qaeda, which was founded around 1988, could be said to be Indonesia's Komando Jihad, which was founded around 1968.

Komando Jihad was set up by the American-trained military.

In The Age, (We must not get back in bed with Kopassus - theage.com.au), Dr Damien Kingsbury wrote about Moslem militants in Indonesia and their links to the American-trained military.

1. Komando Jihad, which became Jemaah Islamiah, was set up by (American trained) Indonesian generals.

Dr Kingsbury wrote: "Kopassus (Indonesian special forces)... has engaged in... hostage rescue missions.

"The first was in 1981, when a Garuda aircraft was hijacked....

"Kopassus... set up the Islamic organisation Komando Jihad that hijacked the plane in 1981 and which has since emerged as Jemaah Islamiah."

2. Laskar Jihad was set up by (American trained) generals.

Jakarta human-rights activist Bonar Naipospos told Asia Times Online: "General Suparman is one of the generals who was behind the extremist Jihad groups.

"He set up militias composed of gangsters and religious fanatics to counter student demonstrations in 1998. One of these militias, Pram Swarkasa, became the embryo of Laskar Jihad." (Asia Times We must not get back in bed with Kopassus - theage.com.au)

Paul Wolfowitz was US ambassador to Indonesia from 1986 to 1989 [23]

3. There is good news from Indonesia, and Americans and Europeans should take note.

The good news is about the power of the internet.

In Indonesia, leaked phone calls suggested that bad guys within the police and attorney-general's office conspired to bring down the anti-corruption commission by framing two of its officials.

Indonesians then started using Facebook, and various blogs, to demand the resignation of the allegedly corrupt national police chief and the allegedly corrupt attorney-general. (Financial Times, 12 January 2010: Indonesians take protests off the streets)

Enda Nasution, the father of Indonesia's blogging community, says: "It is about time people start protesting in (these) much more efficient, modern, intelligent ways."

After the two anti-corruption officials were 'framed' and arrested by police, more than one million people signed up for a page on Facebook supporting the anti-corruption men.

The media has given publicity to the bloggers and Facebook protestors.

President Yudhoyono was forced to appoint a special fact-finding team.

This team concluded that the case against the anti-corruption officials was fabricated.

In 2009, more than 60,000 Indonesian Facebook users joined a support page for a housewife jailed after complaining in an e-mail to friends about the medical treatment she received at a hospital near Jakarta.

The police were persuaded to release the housewife on bail. She was later acquitted by a court, but the attorney-general's office may decide to appeal.

Indonesia is expected soon to have 74 million internet users, and they are not as brainwashed as your average American.

4. An Israeli company called Amdocs is bidding for an Indonesian telecom project. The US told Indonesia's Communications Ministry that the company is American.

Amdocs is Israeli owned, it is one of the Israeli companies implicated in the Israeli spy scandal linked to 9-11 as reported by Carl Cameron on FOX News. (http://whatreallyhappened.com/)

How long will it be before Israelis have total control of Indonesia's key institutions?

Time for a Facebook campaign?


5. Americans and Europeans can expect to suffer the same problems as Indonesia.

Americans, Europeans and Indonesians should use the power of the internet to counter injustice.

And the Facebook and Blog entries should not just be about issues which affect the middle classes.

It's time to fight for the poorest people in society, whether they are in Jakarta or New Orleans or Gaza.


Penny said...

aangirfan, gobsmacked, amazing to see you touching on the topic of Israeli spy rings.

I mention them briefly in a post today and their link in to security services and the vancouver 2010 olympics.

Which has some canadians very worried

John said...

Nothing surprises me about the American propaganda machine. What is needed is a world wide revoluton to stop & dismantle the American Corporate Fascist agenda. Workers of the World Unite!

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