Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Queen Mary, who was mainly German.

Is Britain being looted by foreigners and their friends?

Cadbury's chief executive, the American Todd Stitzer, is expected to be given cash and shares worth £12m, after Cadbury's sale to Kraft." (£2m a day cost of Cadbury deal – plus £12m for the boss)

Cadbury's chairman Roger Carr Carr has been paid £390,000 a year for his part-time job at Cadbury. (When Roger met Irene: the Hyde Park handshake that sold Cadbury)

Carr, as chairman of Chubb, oversaw the sale of the locks business to a Swedish company.

As chairman of Thames Water, Carr agreed its £4bn sale to German group RWE.

Carr works as an adviser to US private equity giant Kohlberg Kravis Roberts.

The American Kohlberg Kravis Roberts bought the UK chemists Alliance Boots, which has now gone downhill.

Jaguar - by Serenity

British companies are disappearing fast.

The Glazers, American Jews, bought Manchester United.

The UK military now seems to be owned by the Pentagon, which is a close friend of Israel.

Much of the UK media appears to be foreign owned.

Even Britain's so called United Kingdom Independence Party, seems to be owned by Israel. (aangirfan: UKIP is Israel's best friend )

Who owns the British police and security services?

Some of the UK companies taken over by foreigners:



P&O Ports





Land Rover



Thames Water


Alliance & Leicester


Allied Domecq


Arjo Wiggins


Blue Circle

British Oxygen Company

British Plaster Board

British Steel/Corus


Eastern Electricity

English China Clays



Guardian Royal Exchange


House of Fraser

Kleinwort Benson


London Electricity

Lucas Industries

Mercury Asset Management

Midlands Electricity

Morgan Grenfell



P&O Ports

P&O Princess Cruises





Ready Mixed Concrete


Saatchi & Saatchi

Scottish & Newcastle

Scottish Power

Sun Life

Trafalgar House/Cunard

United Biscuits

Warburg SG



Greenie said...

I actually feel very bad about this. Looks like in a couple of years Morgan Motorcars will be the only truly British company left. Add Rolls Royce to this list - our national pride. Oh, by the way, where is our national pride? Where is the Government's protection of local businesses? I wan to buy British but I am forced to buy "Made in China" or "Made in Wherever". An you call this freedom? Where is my freedom? I wanna go into the bloody supermarket and buy British stuff. What is wrong with that?

Séamus said...

The world is in a constant state of flux. Languages and Nationalities and EVERYTHING changes and it all changes constantly. The Celts, Saxons, Normans, Angles, Vikings are apparently not here anymore but in fact since they merged with local populations and indeed in many cases were the beginnings of local populations they are arguably still here, we are mongrels!

All those names of ‘people’ from many years ago are just that, names. In many cases those people did not call themselves by those names and they were simply given by Historians so they could better explain them and their context to a certain time.

If you want a brilliant example of change look at the Byzantine Empire which was a mixture of The Greek and Roman Empires after they both fell. The people changed and got on with life and that will happen here just as it did there.

The political systems, parties and the very sociological fabric under which we live today will not always be here, indeed in years to come we probably won’t even call ourselves, English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh or British anymore.

You should expect change because it is a fact. Languages change gradually over thousands of years due to new dialects being spoken. Get used to it. Stop moaning about what particular groups of people are doing because they are no different than you or anyone that was or anyone that will be, people are people.

The current economy is based upon MONEY so whoever has that has the right to do whatever they wish. That’s how it is get used to it.

Change is happening everywhere right now and it is here to stay and it is completely inevitable. Things will not remain how they rae now because that’s not how the Universe works. Catch a grip folks and chill!

Anonymous said...

this is important the government and the PTB tell us the British are a bastard race of all diferent nationalities, but the geneological society say they can trace back families often for a 1000 years and every one is British, but after W W II we began to seriously import in foreign nationals which were not needed at all. The olympics had us in fits of laughter to see blacks in old english costumes, it wa spure social engineering !!

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