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Rangzieb Ahmed, a UK taxi driver, was convicted in 2008.

Rangzieb Ahmed, 34, from Greater Manchester, was jailed for life after being convicted of being a member of al-Qaida (the CIA).

The jury was not told that Ahmed had been tortured.

Ahmed reportedly had links to so called terrorists.

Rangzieb Ahmed received money from Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh.

(Rangzieb Ahmed - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Former Pakistani President, Pervez Musharraf, in his book In the Line of Fire stated that Sheikh was recruited by British intelligence agency, MI6,
while studying at the London School of Economics.

(Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

MI5, MI6 and Manchester police all played a part in "the events that led to Rangzieb Ahmed being unlawfully detained in Pakistan, where three of his fingernails were ripped out."

Their involvement was largely concealed from the public.

"The fact that MI5 and Greater Manchester police drew up questions that were handed to the ISI (Pakistan intelligence) emerged in open court.

"When the Guardian reported this, a Crown Prosecution Service lawyer threatened to have the journalist responsible arrested."

(CPS defends secret proceedings that heard evidence of torture complicity )

"Ahmed says he was visited in prison by an MI5 officer and a police officer who offered to secure a reduction in his sentence or a payment of money to withdraw his torture complaints..."

(MI5 accused of bribe offer in Rangzieb Ahmed torture case World ... )

David Davis, a top Conservative member of Parliament, has revealed how the UK police, and MI5, sub-contracted the torture of Rangzieb Ahmed to the Pakistani intelligence agency, ISI.

Greater Manchester police were the police force involved.

Revealed: evidence MI5 tried to hide

Greater Manchester Police's Chief Constable Michael Todd died in mysterious circumstances in 2008.

Davis, speaking of Rangzieb Ahmed, told the UK parliament:

"A more obvious case of outsourcing of torture, a more obvious case of passive rendition, I cannot imagine.

"He should have been arrested by the UK in 2006.

"He was not.

"The authorities knew he intended to travel to Pakistan, so they should have prevented that.

"Instead, they suggested the ISI arrest him.

"They knew he would be tortured, and they organised to construct a list of questions and provide it to the ISI."

Ahmed was eventually deported back to the UK and jailed for life after being found guilty of membership of al-Qaida (al CIAda)

Manchester police chief Michael Todd died in mysterious circumstances.

The official story was that Todd got drunk and killed himself.

But, Todd did not have a "huge" amount of alcohol in his blood when he died on Snowdon, the coroner said.

The coroner asked: "So, not a huge amount of alcohol then?"

Dr Caslin answered: "No, sir." - BBC NEWS - Todd inquest hears of drink level

The highly observant Postman Patel told readers that Michael Todd's murder refuses to be cleared up.

There was an inquest into the mysterious death of police chief Michael Todd (ACPO head of terrorism) who was found dead on 10 March 2008.

Todd is reported to have sent text messages to friends.

According to Postman Patel:

The inquest contained many curious features ;

1. Recipients of the text messages sent by Todd were not identified other than by a coded alphabetical letter.

2. The time and location of the sending of those texts - especially on the fatal Monday have not been made public. This is important as press reports state that the initital searches were a wild goose chase based on wrong (?) information about the location of Todd's phone.

3. The finders of the body off the well worn track in atrocious weather (the worst storm in 10 years) were not identified nor it appears gave evidence.

4. The route (and crucially the timing) of Todd's police vehicle which will have had a tracker device - which could be confirmed by the NW Wales network of Number Plate Recognition cameras remains unpublished.The inquest was also told that Todd had visited suicide websites and drove to Cumbria on March 9 but had “bottled out” and gone home.

5. The role / activities / liason with the Police , of the Llanberis Mountain rescue team, and the various helicopters - "men in dark suits" remains still a mystery.

A. "His coat had also come off and some of his clothes were discovered nearby.

"The Mail report a source saying, 'There are no obvious injuries compatible with a fall from height.'

"The BBC News BBC 4 PM at 5.00 pm GMT made the odd announcement that Michael Todd sent texts on Monday aftrenoon which gave rise to concern that suggested danger to his life and that of others." - Michael Todd - A death has been reported - Curiouser and curiouser

B. "Sources at Greater Manchester Police said that among the items found with him were personal letters written to his loved ones, the BBC's Nick Ravenscroft said.

"No news yet of the heroic walkers, or their pictures, or their names, or why they were out there in that dreadful weather, or why the personal items were 200yds away, or why they hadn't blown away, or why they looked." - One of our policemen was missing - now we know he is dead. Did he fall ? ..... Or was he pushed ?

C. Top UK policeman Mike Todd could have been saved on Snowdon, says Mountain rescue boss Peter Walker.

Walker claims that a mysterious group of dark-suited men, believed to be from the security services, were seen at the bottom of Mount Snowdon after Mr Todd's body was found.

A mystery Chinook helicopter appeared above the body - but could not land. - 'Suicide' police chief: Why didn't they call us earlier say rescue services?

D. "Mr Todd had been leading a probe into claims that CIA 'extraordinary rendition' flights had been landing in the UK." - Shock as Manchester Chief Constable Michael Todd found dead

Assassination? "Let's not forget that one person has already been murdered who was reluctantly involved in approving a CIA kidnapping / rendition in Denmark ...

"Of course the Bromma airport incident in Sweden on December 18th 2001, is the most interesting of cases where approval was given because the lady (Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh) who gave the approval for the kidnapping was murdered in public nearly two years later." - Michael Todd - Dead Men tell no Tales - The living are silent as well ... what happened to cop who investigated UK collusion in CIA Renditions ?


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