Friday, December 18, 2009


The USA is the new Nazi Germany.

The USA wants total dominance. (An Imperial Strategy for a New World Order.)

The USA is the enemy of all countries that refuse to become puppets.

For example, the USA broke up Yugoslavia and helped wreck Iraq. (aangirfan: What really happened to Yugoslavia. / aangirfan: The plan always was: Iraq to be divided up, just like ...)

The USA has used terror in Europe to increase its control. (aangirfan: FOOLING THE PUBLIC - PIAZZA FONTANA)

Pakistan is seen as being too friendly with China.

Iranian oil could reach China through Pakistan.

Pakistan is a large Moslem country, with nuclear weapons.

It could be a threat to Israel.

Pakistan is to be broken up, by the Pentagon.

According to the Pentagon, Iran needs to be brought under greater control.

Ideally, the USA would like Iran on its side, against Russia.

The USA would like to persuade India that it must join in a war against Pakistan.

Hence the Mumbai bombings of 2008, which may have been the work of the CIA?


Webster Tarpley, at tells us that Obama has declared war on Pakistan

Acording to Tarpley:

Obama is using his Heinrich Himmler, General Stanley McChrystal, to try to bring about civil war in Pakistan.

It was McChrystal who organised the US torture chambers in Iraq.

It was McChrystal who tried to bring about civil war in Iraq, in order to divide and weaken the opposition to U.S. occupation.

It was McChrystal who set up al Qaeda in Iraq in order to get Sunnis fighting Shiites. [3]. [4].

McChrystal is copying British General Frank Kitson[5].

The USA wants the Pashtuns to rebel against the governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The Pashtun people are located mainly in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The US and NATO strategy begins with the Pashtuns, 'the ethnic group from which the so-called Taliban are largely drawn.'

The Afghan officer corps are largely Tajiks. The Pashtuns feel shut out.

The US strategy involves 'a deliberate effort at persecuting, harassing, antagonizing, strafing, repressing, and murdering the Pashtuns.'

In Pakistan, the Pashtuns feel left out.

Then there are the Baluchis. The USA is also trying to get the Baluchis of Pakistan and Iran to rebel.

The CIA, the Pentagon, and their various contractors 'are now on a murder spree across Pakistan, attacking peaceful villages and wedding parties, among other targets.'

Reportedly, US black ops have reached into Uzbekistan, which borders Afghanistan to the north.

''Admissions of serious international war crimes cannot properly be described as confidential.'' 'Shameful evidence of Britain's torture involvement suppressed', court hears


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