Monday, December 14, 2009


A statue of young Obama has been unveiled in Indonesia

The statue will remind Indonesians of US control of Indonesia.

In 1965, the US and UK toppled the first president of Indonesia because he was not prepared to be an American puppet.

"In four months, five times as manypeople died in Indonesia as in Vietnam in twelve years." - Bertrand Russell, 1966. (CIA Compiled Indonesian Death Lists in 1965 / genocide in paradise )

In 1998, the US reportedly toppled the second president of Indonesia because he was not giving enough contracts to Americans and he was becoming too independent minded. (SUHARTO - BIG DADDY)


According to Killing Hope: US Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II by William Blum (Indonesia 1957-1958)

"In the early months of 1958, rebellion began to break out in one part of the Indonesian island chain, then another.

"CIA pilots took to the air to carry out bombing and strafing missions in support of the rebels.

"In Washington, Col. Alex Kawilarung, the Indonesian military attache, was persuaded by the Agency to "defect".

"He soon showed up in Indonesia to take charge of the rebel forces...

"Sukarno later claimed that on a Sunday morning in April, a plane bombed a ship in the harbor of the island of Ambon - all those aboard losing their lives - as well as hitting a church, which demolished the building and killed everyone inside.

"He stated that 700 casualties had resulted from this single run.

Adam Malik, former vice president in the Soeharto era, was reportedly an agent of the CIA.

"On 15 May, a CIA plane bombed the Ambon marketplace, killing a large number of civilians on their way to church on Ascension Thursday...

"Three days later, during another bombing run over Ambon, a CIA pilot, Allen Lawrence Pope, was shot down and captured.

"Thirty years old, from Perrine, Florida, Pope had flown ... in Korea for the Air Force...

"He was to spend four years as a prisoner in Indonesia before Sukarno acceded to a request from Robert Kennedy for his release.

"Pope was captured carrying a set of incriminating documents, including those which established him as a pilot for the US Air Force and the CIA airline CAT...

"On 27 May the pilot and his documents were presented to the world at a news conference, thus contradicting several recent statements by high American officials.



Penny said...

oh god, a statue of Obama, I read this one, and like what the hell, it is a sick, sick world.

nobody said...

Hey Aa, you have been in rare form lately. Very good. Just quickly - Have you been keeping up with Pilger? He's not a fan of the Balibo flick. Best I can recall, it completely fails to mention Australian government complicity. Also did you see that Indonesian colonel lob up and declare that of course the Indonesian soldiers shot those Australian journos? And then he reappeared a day later saying he'd been misquoted and what he meant was that they'd all died accidentally.

Hey Pen!

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