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Gerry Adams, who has been linked to the IRA (the nationalist Irish Republican Army). Reportedly, a new book about Gerry Adams will reveal his role in the case of The Disappeared - the IRA murder of a dozen civilians. (how Gerry Adams lied.)

Reportedly, the spooks like to control important people through the use of sex with boys or girls.

In Northern Ireland, both Unionists (people seeking to stay with Britain) and Nationalists (wanting to break with Britain) are said to have been involved in child abuse. (Kincora Boys)

On 21 December 2009, Malachi O'Doherty, in the Guardian, wrote about the newly revealed child abuse scandal involving the father and brother of Gerry Adams, an important Nationalist figure in Northern Ireland, suspected by some of being an asset of the British security services. (Where does this leave Gerry Adams?)

In late 2009, Áine Tyrell gave a TV interview claiming that her father, Liam Adams, brother of Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams, had sexually abused her for years, from the ages of four to 12.

Gerry Adams then revealed that his father, Gerry Sr, who had been an IRA gunman in the 1940s, had abused his children.

Malachi O'Doherty comments that "Liam Adams would have been prime pickings for blackmail and recruitment as an informer."

In the USA, in November 1982, five men were acquitted of smuggling arms to the IRA after they revealed that the CIA had approved the shipment.[98]

Liam seems to have been protected. (Police face criticism over Adams arrest delay /Missing warrant forces Irish police to let Liam Adams go )

Aine's parents broke up in 1983.

According to The Daily Mail, it was when Aine discovered her father had a new wife "with another little girl to abuse that she told her mother, who went to the police."

Aine says police officers "were more interested in recruiting members of the Adams family to act as informers than in helping her." (Revealed: The full chilling story of how Gerry Adams lied.)

Aine turned to her uncle Gerry Adams for help.

Gerry Adams reportedly tried to convince Aine that it was her father Liam who was the victim rather than her.

Adams told Aine: "Our Liam can't cope with life and I'm trying to get him to meet you, but you know he is a coward and might not want to do that."

Under pressure from some Nationalists, Aine withdrew her police complaint.

(Revealed: The full chilling story of how Gerry Adams lied.)

IRA - linked to the security services?

Aine revived the police investigation in 2007.

After his divorce, Liam was appointed a youth worker at Clonard monastery in West Belfast, "where Gerry was close friends with many of the priests, some of whom he would invite to his home nearby."

Gerry Adams says he warned the priests about Liam's past, but this is denied by officials and clergy at the monastery.

In 1996, Liam threatened to expose a wealthy child abuse ring. he claimed were abusing children.

'We have the names of several business people, who we are 100 per cent sure are involved,' Liam said. (Revealed: The full chilling story of how Gerry Adams lied to ...)

The hard men among the Nationalists were known to take firm action against child abusers.

"In one case, a man was locked in a van with three savage dogs and torn to pieces. In another, a rapist was crucified by being nailed to a fence beside a busy road. Homes of suspected nonces were petrol-bombed by mobs." (Revealed: The full chilling story of how Gerry Adams lied to protect his brother...)

It was in the 1960s that the Nationalist movement in Northern Ireland became more active.

At that time, there was much sympathy for the Nationalists in the United Kingdom and there was the possibility that the Nationalists might achieve their objective of breaking Northern Ireland away from Great Britain.

The British security services seem to have decided to try to discredit the Nationalists by getting them involved in acts of violence.

At the height of the 'Troubles', the Nationalist IRA was carrying out knee-cappings every night in Belfast, with more than 6,000 crippled. (Revealed: The full chilling story of how Gerry Adams lied to ... )

Roy McShane and Freddie Scappaticci (Stakeknife) were key members of the IRA’s internal security (counter-intelligence) unit.

McShane was implicated in the murder of West German industrialist Thomas Niedermayer in December 1973.

Scappaticci reportedly took part in the murders of a number of people accused of informing against the IRA. (Freddie Scappaticci - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Denis Donaldson was head of Sinn Fein's administration at Stormont.

Donaldson and McShane were key aides of Gerry Adams.

Sean O'Callaghan was at one time IRA southern commander.

Kevin Fulton has described how he worked for the IRA in the job of upgrading IRA bomb-making technology.

Martin McGartland worked inside the IRA's Belfast brigade.

It has now been revealed that McShane, Scappaticci, Donaldson, O'Callaghan, Fulton and McGartland were all working for the British security services.

(Republicans reeling after spy unmasked / British spy was 20 years with Sinn Fein leader / · Latest mole in Sinn Fein drove Gerry Adams)

On 28 May 2006, The Sunday World, a Dublin newspaper, quoted Martin Ingram, the pseudonym of a former member of the British Army’s Force Research Unit as saying: “McGuinness was working for MI6.”

Martin McGuinness is Sinn Fein’s chief negotiator and a former Provisional IRA chief-of-staff.

The newspaper's story is based on an alleged conversation between an MI6 spy and an agent known as “J118”. The conversation was about an imminent Provisional IRA attack. The MI6 agent encouraged his handler to “push this along as quickly as possible”. Six people died in the attack.

Mr Ingram told the Sunday World: “It has been confirmed to me that J118 is Martin McGuinness. The most significant thing for me . . . is the fact that McGuinness’s handler is the driving force behind the human bomb campaign.”

(Sources include: McGuinness was agent for MI6, former officer claims )

The bomb in the town of Omagh, in Northern Ireland, in August 1998, killed 29 people and injured more than 200.

Accusations have been made that the bombing was the work of a British double agent within the Real IRA.

Kevin Fulton, an ex-British army soldier, says he was recruited by the British secret service to spy on the IRA in the 1980s.

Fulton alleged, in comments to the Guardian and Channel 4 News, that two days before the bombing, he met a senior member of the Real IRA in a pub in Dundalk. He states that the man told him, “There’s something big on." The man had definitely "been making a bomb”.

Fulton said that he informed his RUC handler “within hours” and that his handler had subsequently confirmed that this information “was put into the system”.

A portion of Fulton’s interview with Channel Four:

Q: “You think that some of the people responsible for the Omagh bomb were informing at the time?”
Fulton: “Yes, no doubt”.
Q: “And they couldn’t be compromised?
Fulton: “I don’t think the Omagh bombers meant to kill people. The thing is they did, shit happened.”
Q: “Were the RUC warned about the bomb?
Fulton: “I wouldn’t say they were warned; they would have known that certain things would have happened, yes.”
Q: And you know that for sure?
Fulton: “Yes.”

Fulton stated to the Guardian that he passed on the name of the Real IRA member he suspected of making a bomb to the RUC and also gave the suspect’s car registration number.

Fulton alleges that the British and Irish security forces allowed the bomb to travel in a stolen car from the nearby town of Dundalk to Omagh because if it was prevented it could lead to the compromising and possible exposure of agents within the Real IRA.

Why did Sinn Fein reportedly close their office the day before the bomb?

Why was the army confined to barracks?

Why did the RUC have only three men on the streets of Omagh and 24 men in surrounding areas?

A former British double agent, Michael Clark, stated: “It makes perfect sense for the army or the intelligence services to allow the progress and delivery of a device of some nature to preserve and protect the safety of an agent. I believe that is possibly the case”.

Is it possible that a British agent within the Real IRA planted the Omagh bomb?

The Force Research Unit (FRU) was an undercover security operation financed and run by the British state in Northern Ireland for more than two decades.

According to WSWS, "The FRU was a terror network that organised a series of covert intelligence and military operations and authorised their agents to carry out numerous illegal activities including bomb making, murder, and the shooting of RUC officers."

Fulton claims that he became an IRA member on FRU instructions, and took part in a series of terrorist bombings in the 1980s and the early 1990s. These included the 1993 bombing that decimated the town centre in Portadown.

According to WSWS, Britain was "a political beneficiary of the Omagh bombing."

It led to a public outcry demanding an end to violence and helped isolate the groups opposed to the signing of the Northern Ireland Agreement.

According to WSWS, "the bombing provided a pretext for the Blair government to introduce new laws before a specially recalled Parliament."

These laws allow the conviction of someone belonging to a proscribed organisation on the evidence of a senior police officer alone.

A defendant’s right to silence was breached.

The measures include powers to convict people on the basis of conspiring within Britain to commit terrorist offences anywhere in the world, making it possible to criminalise and even ban a swathe of organisations opposed to regimes friendly towards Britain.


Atta was working for the US military?

Alleged MI5 links to 'bin Laden's right-hand man in Europe'


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It explains why so many pro IRA people here in the states have abandoned the moral high ground for the corruptions offered by the bankers in London.
Thanks for all your work.

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